TikTok is the gift that keeps on giving.

I find myself scrolling on TikTok endlessly sometimes, and before you know it, I look up and the day is over. The app gives users the platform to share their intel on all things clever and useful. Beauty hacks have been some of the most highly viewed videos since Michelle Phan popularized beauty hacks on YouTube back in the early 2010s. Ten years later, we have TikTok, but has anything really changed? Beauty hacks have been flooding everyone’s FYP, and we have the scoop on the best of the best that will save you time, money, and improve your makeup skills.

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What I love most about TikTok is the fact that everyone has the opportunity to share on their own platform. So many people out there really enjoy sharing whatever tips they have… for FREE. Capitalism isn’t dead but Gen Z is definitely raging against the machine.

Below, we’ve rounded up our favorite TikTok beauty hacks that could be game-changers for you and your wallet.

1. The backward makeup hack

@samyha__Change your base game 🤯 #foundationhack #foundation #makeuphack #makeuptipstiktok #tipsandtricks #makeuproutine #fyp #foryou #4u #makeuphacks #base♬ original sound – Jarida🖤

This fool-proof hack will not only have your skin looking poreless but will keep your makeup lasting ALL Day. Humid summer days are no match for the backward makeup hack. The steps are so easy I could do this with my eyes closed!

Start by applying your favorite moisturizer. The trick is using your setting spray and setting powder right after moisturizing, then applying a thin layer of makeup primer right after that. Wait for it all to dry before you apply your foundation and other steps. What’s that song that Beyonce sings again? Oh yeah, FLAWLESS!

2. DIY makeup sponge cleanser

@kammymakoraAnd it’s cheap too sooo😳👍🏼!!##beautyhacks♬ original sound – ♡ kammy ♡

This hack is one that I knew was a necessity to share. I know this is gross, but I can’t even remember the last time I washed my makeup sponge. Can you? Be honest.

However long it’s been, it’s probably time to clean your makeup sponge. All you need is dish soap and olive oil, which you probably already have at home. Dip your makeup tools, massage them gently to break down the makeup and dirt, and then rinse thoroughly. Now you have brand new clean brushes at no extra cost.

3. Removing dip or gel nails at home

@patriglamxThis is life changing! Try it out and tag me. ##MoodBoost ##beautyhacks ##dipnail ##lifehack ##fyp ##foryourpage ##foryoupage ##foryou♬ original sound – Patricia Gomez

I’ve been getting gel nails more and more recently, and that’s because they last so long! I’m super lazy when it comes to my nails, and I can’t be bothered sometimes to go to the salon to get them removed. I used to pick the gel or dip powder off my nails, which every nail tech will tell you is a big no-no. That can cause damage to your nails, so here is another DIY at-home solution that is easy and effective.

Grab your acetone, a plastic baggie, warm water, and a few paper towels. Take your baggie and put the paper towel in there, then add a generous amount of acetone. Go ahead and put your hand in the bag and the bag into a bowl of warm water. Rub your fingers together for about 2-3 minutes for a fresh set of clean nails. Don’t forget to moisturize your cuticles after! Acetone can be very drying.

4. Get a fuller hairline with makeup

@chrisellelimHow I fix my receding hairline (forehead) with makeup! My trick when I pull back my hair! #makeuphacks #getthelook #makeup #beauty #asmr #beautyhacks♬ BDASH Breathe – BDash

This hack right here might be the best one I’ve seen so far. If you are experiencing a receding hairline or you just don’t love your hairline when you pull your hair back, then this is definitely for you! Take your eyeliner or lipliner and outline how you want your hairline to look. Apply some bronzer in the same area as the lines you drew. Now, blend with a fluffy brush and continue to add tiny lines along the edges that you want to be fuller and keep blending the makeup. Once you’ve achieved the look you’re going for, go channel your inner Ariana Grande with a high ponytail and put “Thank U Next” on replay.

5. Apply lipstick/liquid blush as your base

@helin.dxskiContour before foundation – yes or no? All products listed on my Instagram: hxlindx 🦋 #fyp #makeup #contouring101 #WonderWaterWhip♬ Sweet Melody – Little Mix

Before you go ruling this off and thinking I’m crazy, you have to admit she looks good. Makeup lover and TikTok creator @helin.dxski gives us an up-close tutorial to the perfect rosy look without looking flushed. The literal only thing you need to do is apply lipstick all over your face. Then, do your makeup just as usual and take a million selfies during golden hour.


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