Raise your hand if you impulsively cut your own hair during the pandemic.

We are all guilty of impulsively cutting our hair or heading to the salon to “try something new” during this pandemic. Sitting inside on Zoom all day didn’t leave much room for people to express themselves through fashion or social interaction, so to the salon it was.

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Although impulsive, this new found expression through hair led to some out of the box styles that brought light to a rather dull pandemic. What were those styles? Well, Very Good Light has the inside scoop on the top 10 most searched for hairstyles of 2021.

1. Wolf Cut Hair

2021 was the year for Twilight fans to show their support for Team Jacob through the popular wolf cut. This hairdo slightly resembles a mullet, but with more layers that frame the face. To achieve this look the hair has to center its volume near the front and top portion of the head. The end of the hair becomes gradually thinner, giving off mullet-like vibes.

2. Skunk Stripe Hair

Similar to the white stripes that run through the back of a skunk, skunk stripe hair holds a similar style. To achieve skunk stripe hair, there must be one or more contrasting stripes of color running through the hair.

3. Fluffy Hair

I think it’s safe to say that TikTok boys have completely dominated the fluffy hair trend. This hairdo mainly consists of giving the hair lots of volume, almost to the point of looking slightly unstyled or effortlessly messy.

4. Squid Game Red Hair

With Squid Game becoming a global sensation right before Halloween, it is no surprise that people began dying their hair red. Character Seong Gi-Hun, played by Lee Jung-Jae, iconically dyes his hair red at the end of the Squid Game series. If you are looking to achieve this bold look, definitely head to your nearest salon for a bright red coloring session.

5. Blonde Highlights on Brown Hair

Before Addison dyed her hair a bleach blonde for the MET Gala, she encompassed the blonde highlights on brown hair look. This hairstyle consists of soft blonde highlights mixed into already brown hair.

6. Hair Tinsel

Remember the early 2000’s hair tinsel we would all tie into our hair? Well, it’s back. If you’re not familiar with hair tinsel, it is a thin glitter thread that is looped or tied into the hair. The tinsel creates a subtle shimmer and reflective effect that exudes early 2000 energy.

7. Money Piece Hair

After becoming a huge trend on TikTok, it seemed like everyone had money piece hair. If you’re looking to achieve this style, money piece hair requires a bright frame around the face. Through the process of dyeing or lightening the two front framing pieces of hair, you can achieve this look!

8. Curtain Bangs Straight Hair

Traditionally we have seen curtain bangs accompanied by voluminous, bouncy hair – but what about straight hair? Luckily curtain bangs can virtually look great in any style. Curtain bangs are achieved by parting the hair down the middle and cutting the front framing pieces of hair to hit mid cheek. These pieces will naturally drape in front of the face like curtains.

9. Ashy Copper Hair

Did Taylor Swift’s new album make you want to go red? Looks like a lot of people this year felt the same way with this new ashy copper hair trend. While copper hair is a blend of red and bronze colors, ashy hair typically has a blue or green base. Ashy copper hair still gives you that bold red feel while keeping it toned town with a blue or green base from the ash.

10. Butterfly Locs Hair

Yes, butterfly locs look as ethereal as they sound. Butterfly locs give off a loose, unraveled look by looping wavy hair into a braid and loosely wrapping it.


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