TikTok has provided a space for underrepresented groups to share their stories, experiences, and culture.

As we make our way through AAPI Heritage Month, we can not forget to recognize the Pacific Islander community. For context, the Pacific Islander community consists of those who originate from the original people of Polynesian, Micronesia, and Melanesia.

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TikTok is the go-to platform to gain knowledge about the PI community through fun, creative, and expressive videos. After finding myself deep in the world of Hawaiin TikTok, it’s about time that we share the top 7 Pacific Islander TikTokers that you should follow.

1. Mele (@melemaikalanimakalapua)

Mele is a 19-year-old Polynesian TikTok creator who informs her audience on Hawaiian customs and traditions – all while performing Hula. Learn Hula technique and history while staying informed on Hawaiian culture.

2. Kamahaʻo (@kuakamahao)

Enjoy some cultural education with a bit of humor? Kamahaʻo creates educational content on Hawaiian culture while integrating his humor into each video.

3. Isa (@isaperezoritahiti)

Keep brushing up on those dancing skills, because Isa—a Tahitian TikTok creator—is here to inform and teach you about Ori Tahiti, a Tahitian dance rooted in ancient Tahitian traditions.

4. Kanani (@kananilokelani)

Your chance to learn Hula is finally here! Hawaiin TikTok creator, Kanani Lokelani, demonstrates her Hula choreography through her TikTok platform, making it easy to follow along or just appreciate the art.

5. Malosi (@mal0si.scanlan)

While filming in front of beautiful scenery, you won’t want to miss Malosi’s TikToks, where he combines his Polynesian roots with dance, humor, and his love for Maui from “Moana.”

6. Iini (@iinikahakalau)

Through humorous and informative video content, Iini educates her audience on Hawaiin culture and cultural respect.

7. Chelei (@alohaitschelei)

When it comes to the Hawaiian language, Chelei has you covered. Learn important Hawaiian words and phrases through Chelei’s Hawaiin language lesson TikToks!

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