You’ve probably seen the guy with the 1994 tattoo or Jake Karamol in his classic sunglasses, but who are these tattoo artists and why should you be following them on TikTok?

Pinterest used to be the place to find your next tattoo design, but now TikTok is taking over. Post-pandemic tattoos are trending, and if you are looking to get inked, you have to stay in the know with all the best up-and-coming tattoo artists on TikTok. They are posting everything, from their design and planning to the actual tattooing. A quick one-minute video could finally give you the perfect design inspiration or the motivation to book that appointment.

We’ve rounded up 12 artists that you should be following on TikTok to stay in the know with tattoo trends and get inspired for your next appointment.

1. @christiancrittend

Christian Crittenden at Newport Tattoo in Newport, California has been getting a lot of attention online for both his work and his antics in the studio. His account is worth a follow for a good laugh alongside some serious tattoo inspiration.

@christiancrittendTalked about you today. @laurensanderson♬ But I Like It – Lauren Sanderson

2. @robbwilsontattoos

Robb Wilson is an artist out of Magnum Opus Tattoo Collective in Somers Point, New Jersey. He shares a lot of trendy tattoos (butterflies, cherubs, etc.) but always executes them with incredible precision and fine line detail.

@robbwilsontattoos🧚🏼‍♀️🍄 #fyp #foryou #222♬ Dreams, Fairytales, Fantasies (feat. Brent Faiyaz & Salaam Remi) – A$AP Ferg


Kirsten Noel is only an apprentice, training at Tanner Drake Studio in Chico, California, but she has been designing and sharing tattoo art for a while now. A lot of her designs are in the style of American Traditional tattoos. Keep an eye out for Kirsten, because once her books open, we imagine they will fill up instantly.🍑🍒🍓🍋 #fruit #flashsheet #tattooflash #tattooart #art #artist #tattooapprentice #arttok #QuickBooksVictoryPose♬ telepatía – Kali Uchis

4. @melatattoostudio

MELA Tattoo Studio is the home of an independent tattoo artist Melanie May in Melbourne, Australia. She first went viral for her own sleeve of micro tattoos that she shared on her page. Now people are flocking to try and achieve their own “MELA TATT sticker sleeve” at her studio.

@melatattoostudioAnother MELA TATT sticker sleeve in progress- LOADING… #melbournetattooartist #melatatt #foryou #fyp♬ Oliver Twist – ArrDee

5. @chris.cutthroat

Chris Cutthroat has developed a personal style that can turn anything into a trippy, modern tattoo. Once you see her flash sheets, you immediately want to get a tatoo from Chris because you can’t get this look anywhere else. You’ll find her in Brooklyn, New York City, working out of her independent studio.

@chris.cutthroat🌀🦋✨🦋🌀 #butterfly #butterflytattoo #chriscutthroat #trippytattoo #bushwicktattoo #brooklyntattoo♬ Hey Ya! – OutKast

6. @lucegrey

Every time one of Luce’s tattoos comes up on your FYP you WILL do a double-take because her tattoos look like photographs. She can make art literally come to life on your body from her booth in By Anonymous Tattoo Shop in Dunfermline, Scotland.

@lucegrey#fyp #tattooartist #artist #tattoo #work♬ Super Mario Smash Remix shaeotmusic – 𝙊𝙖𝙠𝙡𝙚𝙚 > 😮‍💨

7. @tattoosinlimites

It doesn’t seem like you can go wrong with any artist that Tattoo Sin Limites reposts on their page. This is a great account to follow for black and grey portrait inspiration. The illustration and realism they find is insane.

@tattoosinlimites📸 @fabriciogaldino89 #tattoosinlimites #tattoos #tattoo #tattooart #tattoosartist #ink #tattootiktok #tattooshoptok♬ Mood (feat. iann dior) – 24KGoldn

8. @jakekaramol

If you are anywhere near tattoo TikTok, you have definitely heard of Jake Karamol at Timeless Body Arts in North East, Maryland. Jake makes funny skits about his encounters as a tattoo artist that actually help to educate his viewers about how to act and what to expect in the tattoo industry. That being said, his art is pretty amazing, too.

@jakekaramolWhen your tattooing and your client decides that you’re not friends anymore 😂 #teamdestroy #tattoo #skit #meme♬ Wishing Well – Juice WRLD

9. @woahkatt

Kat works out of Inked NYC Tattoos and is well known on the internet for her fine line tattoos. She can do large pieces with a lot of detail or achieve the trendy micro tattoos many are looking for right now. Her large-scale flower work is particularly popular!

@woahkattIG: Woahkat 💓 Done today at @inkedmagazine @inkednyc #tattoolover #tattooartist #seeya #xyzcba #tattooideas♬ Woman – Doja Cat

10. @handpushed

Melina has an independent studio known as Hand Pushed where she creates abstract, hand-poked tattoos. She tattoos little collections of abstract colorful shapes to make designs that you can decide your own meaning for. Melina also uses her account for tattoo education to help newer artists learn about proper tattoo practices.

@handpushedlet them adjust to you, don’t change #handpushed #handpoke #handpoketattoo #tattooasmr #machinefree♬ Pieces (Solo Piano Version) – Danilo Stankovic

11. @omenink

Omen Ink is a tattoo studio in Buffalo, New York that you may recognize for their “gumball tattoos.” This studio went viral when they introduced a gumball machine in their studio for clients to randomly pick tattoo designs. There is something really fun and thrilling about watching people randomly draw designs and then commit to them forever!

@omenink@randy_butternubs420 #JetPuffedSmourth #MakingTheCut #GetYourJeansOn #gumballtattoo #tattoo #tat #tatt #tats #tattooshoptok #tiktokart #viral #art♬ Dreams (2018 Remaster) – Fleetwood Mac

12. @jaketheillustrator

Jake Pearce has an endless stream of tattoo design ideas on their TikTok, but be careful because you may end up loving everything they post. You can find anything from quirky best friend tattoos and Lana Del Rey-inspired designs to your dreamest zodiac sign art.

@jaketheillustratorSome more flowery faces for ya ✨ #tattooideas #tattooinspiration #flowers♬ original sound – kassy


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