Starface’s Spacewash is your summertime facewash

Acne-prone AND sensitive–not a super popular skin type combination.

But actually, a lot of people who experience acne sensitize their skin over time due to harsh ingredients and improper chemical mixtures in skincare products. When we think of face washes for acne-prone skin, we think of tea tree, harsh scrubs (hello, dryness and inflammation), and that minty, almost astringent feeling that our skin is conditioned to think means, Congrats, we’re clean. 

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Starface is looking to change all of that with their new face wash called Spacewash ($16). If you haven’t heard of, or at least ~seen~ what Starface is all about, I’m sorry, but you’ve been living under a rock. Not only is Starface a brand that’s aiming to change the conversation around acne with their cute, bright yellow star-shaped pimple patches, but they also just launched in September 2019 and have made enormous strides as a brand since. 

Spacewash being squeezed into someone's hand

Their signature product, as I mentioned, are their bright yellow star-shaped hydrocolloid pimple patches. They come in a Gen-Z vanity-worthy package that they call “Big Yellow”. It’s like an AirPod case for your pimple patches, and it has a little mirror inside. Starface lovers can buy refill packs of patches for Big Yellow and they come in all different kinds of fun designs. They’ve launched rainbow packs of patches, holographic, and most recently, glow in the dark! 

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Since launching in September 2019, the brand has skyrocketed to social media success. More specifically, on platforms like Instagram and Tik Tok. On Instagram alone, they’ve gained 76K in followers and their community engagement among Gen Z is a force to be reckoned with. On Tik Tok, they have 260K in followers and popular Gen Z influencer, Charlie D’Amelio, and upcoming artist, Leo Reilly have sported the trendy stars in fun videos. Safe to say, they’re killing it. 


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My skin type

I’ve had combination skin almost all of my life. I was blessed in high school with little acne woes. I maybe had one pimple a year, and it was absolutely nothing to fuss about. But, when I came to college, my skin was transitioning from combination to full-blown oily and cystic acne-prone skin. I also suffer from eczema and many allergies, which have made my skin a bit sensitive. During my freshman year of college, I had no idea how to handle the acne. Sure, I was knowledgeable about skincare, but it took me a while to figure out my new skin type and its triggers. 

Since then, I’ve learned my triggers for cystic flare-ups and I’ve been able to balance my oil and sebum production pretty well. I quickly gravitated to gel face washes. I’ve always been told to spend very little on face wash, as the ingredients don’t stay on your face for very long, so there’s no point to invest in an expensive product. While true, if you’re acne-prone, the face wash you choose is extremely important and can sometimes make or break your skincare routine in terms of preventing breakouts. 

For years I’ve loved gel face washes like The Body Shop’s Seaweed Deep Cleansing Gel Wash and Skinfood’s Egg White Pore Foam. The search for a gel face wash that had acne-fighting ingredients was more difficult. Most that I’ve come across have a lot of fragrance or too much of an acne-fighting ingredient like charcoal, tea tree, or salicylic acid, which is not something my cystic acne can always handle. 


Upon first glance on the box, I was shocked at the ingredient list. The ingredients were so simple! I thought to myself, Have I been overdoing it? Were the acne-fighting ingredients I was using before too much for my skin?

The formula contains white willow bark, sage leaf, and calendula flowers. I was so relieved when I saw there weren’t any added fragrances or sodium laureth sulfate, which can be triggering irritants for acne-prone skin. 

Spacewash is oil-free, 100% vegan, and is in compliance with European standards, so you know it’s the good stuff. Besides its acne-fighting and anti-inflammatory properties, Spacewash lifts away makeup and dead skin cells while you wash, too.  

The review

To be honest, the first 3-5 times I tried Spacewash, I wasn’t completely in love. While I loved the texture and how the formula became a nice frothy wash, it made my skin feel a little stripped. However, as the weather started to become more hot and sticky, I craved washing my face with Spacewash. It started to agree with my skin more, or at least help me out as this new climate was wreaking havoc on my face. I haven’t had any new cystic pimples for the entire month of May (seriously amazing), but I have been getting a couple of whiteheads and I’ve been super oily. Spacewash cleared that right up. 

I’m not sure if Spacewash would be the first thing I grab to clear up a cystic breakout. However, it is gentle enough and has proved its anti-inflammatory properties. I believe I would still need the help of my topical acne medications in conjunction with Spacewash. I do wish Spacewash had more of a refreshing or tingly after feeling, but I think that’s the little voice inside my head telling me what every acne-fighting face wash that’s come before it should feel like. Overall, this is an acne-fighting face wash meant for people with sensitive skin, which is rarely catered to in skincare.

As the weather continues to get warmer and summer will soon be in full force, Spacewash is great to get rid of dead skin cells from sunscreen residue and excess sebum. I’ve used Spacewash in the morning, in the middle of the day when my sweaty face is in need of a refresh, and at night. Harsh scrubbing and ingredients are often the cause of inflammation and redness in acne-prone people, but Spacewash aims to change the game. It’s definitely your new summer cleanser. 


  • Starface launched an acne-fighting gel wash called Spacewash!
  • It’s meant for sensitive, acne-prone skin
  • It’s $16, but you can subscribe and get it for $14.40
  • 100% vegan, cruelty-free, paraben-free, oil-free, and complies with EU standards
  • No added fragrance, phthalates, or sodium laureth sulfate!
  • Lifts away makeup and dead skin cells


A good BUY for summertime cleansing needs.  


5 black-owned beauty and skincare companies to support

“Moisturize your situation.” – P. Diddy

And by situation, we mean your head to your toe. The inconvenience of the lack of representation in beauty and skincare products is an issue that isn’t new. With the lack of beauty products for Black people – especially men – there’s a lot of opportunity for newness in this space. Already, brands like Bevel, to Ceylon, Scotch Porter, are proving just how vital and successful black-owned brands can be.

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When it comes to indie brands, there are many emerging companies that are one their way to becoming household names. Whether you want to spice up your medicine cabinet with new skincare or need a new lip color for the spring, we rallied up 5 black-owned companies you can support.

Jade & Fox Co.


From body butter to hair perfumes, Jade & Fox Co. is a handmade skincare company that uses natural products to promote your skin and body’s health.

Jade & Fox Co is more than just a skincare company though, the founder, Ashley Johnson also has a blog. There, the founder shares DIY projects and also in-depth pieces on her products sharing the benefits, and what type of skin each product is catered to. 

Must-try products:

Crushed Velvet Butter

Sea Witch Whipped Soap

Scotch Porter

A hair and skin brand created for men by men. Like many beauty companies, Calvin Quallis began experimenting with making products in his kitchen after seeing the need for men’s grooming and wellness products as a barber. The result: an entire line of grooming products for men with coiled or kinky hair. Enter: Scotch Porter, a line that provides products for men’s hair, from on their head to on their chin. But it doesn’t stop and end there. Scotch Porter’s created products like journals, candles etc. and even have a journal section on the website in order to expand on self-care.

Bonus: Check out the REWARD$ tab on their website for free money to use on their products!

Must-try products:

Beard Wash and Leave-In Conditioner Bundle

Face Care Collection 

Nola Skin Essentials

Nola Skincare states that their world of beauty circles around three things: Vegan Ingredients, Real people who handcraft their products, and their customers. Created by founder Jane Ormon, the brand was created after being frustrated by the lack of skincare products geared towards people with melanin. Not only is are the products eco-friendly but cruelty-free as well. 

The founder stands behind the brand so boldly, that she says your skin care change in as little as two weeks! Sign us up.

Must-try products:

Omega Kale Facial Cleanser

Quench Your Beard Spray and Let it Grow Set

Urban Skin RX

Urban Skin RX offers scientifically researched skincare products for all skin tones and colors.

Founder Rachel Roff, a licensed medical aesthetician and certified laster technician, put her passion to help others feel and look great to launch Urban Skin RX. Along with co-founder and medical director, David Henderson – who also works at a hospital in Charlotte – the two set out to clear clogged pores, for melanin-rich skin. The entire line includes peels, scrubs, and hydrating serums to achieve your best skin, ever!

Must-try products:

Even Tone Smooth & Glow Enzyme Mask 

Clear Skin Cleansing Bar

The Lip Bar


The Lip Bar was founded by Melissa Butler, previously a financial analyst on Wall Street and previous Shark Tank contestant. The Lip Bar is far more than just a lipstick company – it’s Melissa Butler’s testimony. If you haven’t seen the backstory behind the company, you have to watch it here

After being shut down on national television, Butler took that moment and used it to her advantage…now, years later, you can find her in hundred of Target stores. The Lip Bar has expanded from just lipsticks to now offering eyeshadow, from liquid to powder, these vibrant palettes compliment the lipsticks and vice versa.

Must-try products:

Prima Donna  lip shade

Playmate lip shade

The best hands-free to tools to cleanse your face in the age of COVID-19

We may have self-quarantined, social distanced and stockpiled hand-sanitizer, but there’s one Coronavirus no-no that doctors say everyone is struggling to avoid: face touching.

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The problem is, it’s just so damn impossible. Scientists claim the average person touches their face up to 25 times an hour. And that’s just counting the ~average~ person. What about the beauty obsessive, who’s always poring over, well, his pores? So what does one do?

Turn to tools. If you’re a hypochondriac, it’s tools that will put your mind at ease. Below, five of the very best facial tools you need.

Best splurge

Clarisonic Mia Smart

Courtesy of Clarisonic

Oh, so you want to be cleansed, toned and sculpted? Well, look no further than this little number. Think all the tightening benefits of a face roller in a cleansing tool, massaging while ridding skin all the impurities. It comes at a steep price tag. At $120, it’s not the cheapest of purchases, but it will all be worth it when you have the tightest skin at the table (and by table we mean your own dining room table, because quarantine, of course).

BUY HERE: Clarisonic Mia Smart, BUY HERE, $118

Best body

Nurse Jamie Exfoliband Silicone Loofah

Courtesy of Nurse Jamie

Nothing ages like a drug store loofah. After barely several uses any exfoliator can start looking a little worse for wear, so if you want something to go the distance, silicone is the only way. Bonus, this little number can take you from body to face and back again when you need a scrub down.

BUY HERE: Nurse Jamie Exfoliband Silicone Loofah,, $17

Best brush

Okay, so this might just be the tool from the heavens. This massaging face brush will smooth away all your sins and save you from purchasing any further exfoliating products (hello investment item). It also comes with two different heads: an anti-bacterial daily cleansing brush and a silicone head designed to tone and stimulate so your subsequent moisturizing routine really soaks into skin, with three different modes. In short, this is the MVP.

BUY HERE: Magnitone London BareFaced 2 Daily Cleansing and Skin Toning Brush,, $69

Best bang-for-your-buck

Erborian Charcoal Konjac Sponge

Courtesy of Erborian

If you’re looking for a little all-star performer on a budget, look no further. The konjac sponge has long been a staple in Korean beauty (which we all know sets the standard for the rest of the world). This one is also made with charcoal, leaving your face clean, fresh and most importantly, matte. Wave goodbye to your blotting papers, there will be no end-of-day oil here, folks.

BUY HERE: Erborian Charcoal Konjac Sponge,, $13

Best acne-prone

Laxcare Waterproof Facial Cleansing Brush

Courtesy of Laxcare

If you find yourself breaking out with the stress of COVID-19, or maybe the lack of fresh air, look no further. This is the ultimate tool to tackle your acne, deeply cleaning out your pores without irritating or over-exfoliating. Tailor to your skin type with seven different speeds, and enjoy the fact that the hyper-hygenic silicone head is saving your from bacteria. Considering this puppy also comes in at just under $40, you’ll be doing your skin a huge favor without breaking the bank.

BUY HERE: Laxcare Waterproof Facial Cleansing Brush, BUY HERE, $38

3 dancers on their glow-inducing skincare regimens

Dancers are required to glow.

With sweat and makeup congealing under the heavy stage lights, their pores go through hell and back. But how do they still get their best skin from day to night? Turns out, they prescribe to a “skincare that’s practice until made perfect” model.

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Well, at least according to Joseph Aumeer of The Royal Ballet, who finds dancing is chaotic for his skin. The dance professional says that he’s dancing from morning to night, with rehearsals and performances in between. For him, it’s about treating his skin as he does his twirls and plies. 

José Lapaz Rodriguez, who is currently studying contemporary and modern dance at school, agrees. For him, moving, stretching and dancing for days on end is challenging. Naturally, he sweats and his skin gets oily, but he’s also constantly being exposed to bacteria. Sometimes the choreography calls for dancers to put their faces on each other. Hand on face, face on back, face on arm, face on foot – the possibilities are endless when it comes to how many sweaty body parts touches dancers’ faces. At times, José’s face even ends up touching the ground. 

Between the sweating and the constant exposure to breakout causing bacteria, add stage makeup and its pore-clogging perils. Compared to everyday makeup, stage makeup is heavier, thicker and comedogenic. After all, it’s meant to stick to skin through the heat of the stage lights. On its own, smear-proof makeup is great, but combined with dancing and bright stage lights, sweat gets trapped in dancers’ pores under their makeup. “Along with the rest of our body,” Sean Miller of the Sarasota Cuban Ballet School says. “Our skin is honestly put through a lot.”

Despite everything their skin goes through, dancers still somehow manage to have dewy, luscious, beautiful skin. After all, it’s almost a requirement when you’re onstage, with nothing to bare but your soul. Very Good Light spoke with three dancers who are as dedicated to their skincare routines as they are to dancing to learn all about their skincare secrets. 

Joseph Aumeer

Having danced since he was 9 years old, Joseph grew up with the pressures of being on stage, being surrounded by mirrors in the studio, and having his pictures taken by the press. In other words, he’s gotten used to people staring at him. 

Although it’s not a major pressure, Joseph found that there is still a push to look after himself with all those eyes on him. “Looking after my skin and seeing results definitely gave me more confidence and a healthier outlook on things,” Joseph shares. 

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After rinsing with water in the morning, Joseph follows up with the Pixi by Petra Glow Tonic. “I started using this recently and it’s really helped my skin get a good glow and feel clean,” he raves. The 5% glycolic acid toner exfoliates his skin, even getting into the pores and flushing them out. Next, Joseph follows with the This Works Morning Expert Hyaluronic Serum – the serum’s star ingredient hyaluronic acid keep his skin moisturized all day long, keeping oil production level, while the Vitamin C brightens. Once he locks everything in with La Roche-Posay’s Effaclar Duo [+] SPF 30, he’s ready for a long day of dancing. The mattifying moisturizer helps Joseph control blemishes, and the SPF, a daily essential, is especially important when using AHA’s like glycolic acid in the morning. 

Throughout the day, Joseph is sure to continuously hydrate. Not only is water necessary for the body when dancing for hours on end, it helps Joseph’s skin stay hydrated and plump. From time to time, he also spritzes on the Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs, and Rosewater. “It does give you a good flow and leaves you feeling fricky fresh,” Joseph says. 

After a long day of dancing, Joseph always makes sure to thoroughly cleanse his face with the La Roche-Posay Effaclar Purifying Cleansing Gel. This cleanser washes away a day’s worth of dirt and oil while still being gentle on Joseph’s skin. With his busy schedule, the last thing Joseph wants to worry about is irritating his skin. He follows with the same toner from the morning, gently taps on the Kiehl’s Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado, and adds a moisturizer so his skin is prepped for the long day ahead of him tomorrow.    

Sean Miller 

Sean appreciates every moment he’s dancing. When onstage he doesn’t have to think about his skin. He’s focusing on every plié, jump, pointed toe. 

But once he leaves the stage, he’s passionate about skincare. 

“I try to really focus on hydrating my skin for the tough day ahead,” Sean shares. In the morning, he starts by cleansing with the gentle and non-irritating Drunk Elephant Beste No.9 Jelly Cleanser. Next, Sean goes in with the 2-in-1 Laneige Cream Skin Toner & Moisturizer, which helps him achieve soft, supple skin. For an additional boost of hydration, he follows up with a moisturizer. “Currently loving the Belif Aqua Bomb as well as the Farmacy Honey Drop lightweight Moisturizer,” he tells us. 

For eye cream, he recommends a light layer of the Floral Hydro Eye Gel Cream from Mamonde and Tatcha’s Camellia Gold Spun Lip Balm to finish off his skincare routine. 

Throughout the day, Sean is sure to wipe away the excess sweat from his face with facial wipes and use moisturizing face mists during rehearsal breaks.

His nighttime skincare routine is similar to his daytime routine, but he is sure to use a more heavy duty cleanser to wash away his long day. For the past two years, Sean has been using his trusted and beloved Shisedo Deep Cleansing Foam face wash. Twice a week, he’ll exfoliate with the Rice Enzyme Powder from Tatcha. The powder to foam formula gently polishes skin without over-exfoliating. Sean also recommends the Neogen Bio-Peel Gauze Peeling Pads. Formulated with lactic acid, a chemical exfoliant, Sean finds that he can slough off dead skin cells without rubbing and tugging at his face.

To really indulge in self-care, Sean also masks a couple of times a week. From sheet masks to sleeping masks, he loves them all. “I love all the masks from Summer Fridays, Glow recipe, and Sulwahsoo,” Sean shares. As a bonus: He also loves Japanese sheet masks Saborino and LuLuLun. 

José Lapaz-Rodríguez 

For his skin, José chases balance. His cleanser of choice is the Clearasil Gentle Prevention Daily Clean Wash. “It doesn’t leave my skin too dry,” he explains. “It’s very gentle but it does the work.” He exfoliates with Lush’s Ocean Salt scrub. With flakes of sea salt, avocado butter, coconut oil, and citrus extracts, this scrubs buffs away dead skin cells while moisturizing, nourishing, and toning. For toner, José uses the Original Facial Toner from Thayers. It’s important to him that it’s alcohol-free – it helps keep his skin balanced. Witch Hazel, the toner’s hero ingredient, is a known natural astringent. It shrinks pores and reduced inflammation, which is perfect for all the sweat and oil dancing all day long can cause. For moisturizer, José then uses the Shea Moisture African Black Soap Balancing Moisturizer. José then always follows up with sunscreen. In order to make sure his skin is protected from the sun’s harmful rays, José uses SPF 50.

During his quick breaks between rehearsals, José rinses his face. Not to irritate his skin by cleansing every time, he sticks to just cleansing with water to wash the sweat off. 

José’s real secret is 100% natural African shea butter. At night, he carries out his skincare routine but swaps moisturizer for shea butter. He finds it helps with everything from acne to restoring his skin. “I love using shea butter because I wake up with the smoothest skin and lips,” he explains. “It’s boosts my self-esteem because I feel ready to take on anything in the day whether it’s going out with friends, performing, or having photo/video shoots.” As an additional bonus, José swears shea butter also helps his lashes grow longer. 

It’s not exactly a secret that dancers go through a lot with their skin, but now the secret to keeping their skin happy is out. They key? Gentle but thorough cleansing keeps both irritation and bacteria at bay. Moisturizing makes sure skin stays hydrated no matter how much you sweat is key in keeping oil production at a minimum. 

A Millie Bobby Brown inspired skincare routine

It’s been a week, but I still can’t stop thinking about Millie Bobby Brown’s nightly skincare routine video. 

You know, the same video in which she goes through her skincare routine but doesn’t actually use her Florence by Mills Gen Z products? *Insert awkward emoji here*.

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The line of “clean skincare” products range from a $10 mist to $12 lip gloss and is skincare with a few cosmetics. It’s great that the star is promoting a good price point – we just wished she actually uh, used the products.

In case you didn’t catch it on her Instagram before she deleted it, the video is still floating around on YouTube. Enjoy!

From the moment the 15-year old wunderkind starts off her skincare routine video, we know that it’s headed in the wrong direction. First of all, Millie loves misting away from her face. Perhaps this is one method of misting – misting the air – we don’t know. Whatever the case, she holds her Florence by Mills Zero Chill Face Mist a literal foot away from her face. 

But maybe it’s just that she spritzed in the wrong direction – plenty of people have done this (no, they haven’t). Next, with completely dry skin, she goes in with her Get That Grime Face Scrub then her Clean Magic Face Wash

The thing is, there’s no water that she uses. She doesn’t even put the product in her actual hands. Watching her really rubbing and tugging her skin, I can feel her wrinkles forming. If you’re wondering why she’s pulling on her skin so much, it’s probably because she’s not using any product at all. Is this a Hollywood method she learned from, say, Charlotte Tillbury? Perhaps. But most likely not, as you can literally hear friction when she rubs her product-less fingers together.  

There was a lot of backlash, confusion, and jokes as to why Millie wouldn’t let her products touch her face. Responding to the scandal via Instagram post of a screenshot from her Notes app, she clarified that the video was only meant to replicate her skincare routine.

Is it just a convenient excuse for Millie not to use her own stuff? Does she secretly hate her own skincare line? Whether you’re afraid to try out her brand or you can’t because, surprisingly, most of the line is sold out on the Florence by Mills website, we put together a skincare routine inspired by Millie’s routine. It’s just as wallet friendly, and we’d like to think that Millie would happily let these products touch her face.

Step 1: Facial mist

The first step to any good skincare routine, as any skincare expert knows, is a facial mist. Because it definitely makes sense to spritz your face before you wash it all off. 

Millie’s rose-infused  spray claims to soothe skin and give a boost of moisture. Doesn’t it sound simple and dreamy? 

Well… it’s sold out. A fantastic alternative is the Derma-E Hydrating Mist with Hyaluronic Acid. Just like the Zero Chill Face Mist, it’s vegan and uses clean ingredients. Between the rosewater, coconut water, and hyaluronic acid, the Derma-E spray provides the same calming moisture.    

Rosewater isn’t your thing? What about the Hydrating Milky Mist from Pixi? Black oat extract soothes skin while hyaluronic acid moisturizes and B vitamins fortify the skin. It’s cruelty and paraben free, and like any face mist, it’s light and quickly absorbs into the skin.

BUY Derma-E Hydrating Mist with Hyaluronic Acid HERE, $11.50

BUY Garnier SkinActive Soothing Facial Mist with Rose Water HERE, $9  

BUY Pixi Hydrating Milky Mist HERE, $15

Step 2: Exfoliation

Complaining about the makeup residue on her face but inexplicably skipping makeup remover (we’d recommend the Neutrogena Cleansing Oil), Millie’s second step is exfoliation. 

Her scrub is made with sustainable ivory palm seed powder. Based on the reviews, it sounds like people do find it gentle and non-irritating. Also, props to Millie for not using microbeads.  

Debates about physical exfoliants aside, we’re following Millie’s routine. One that isn’t totally abrasive? The DHC Face Wash Powder. With finely milled powder and enzymes, you can scrub away all you want without worrying about over exfoliating. The powder to foam formula will stop you. It also has lavender to calm your skin and honey to smooth. 

Something Millie might love is a chemical exfoliant. The e.l.f. Gentle Peeling Exfoliant is an unassuming gel, but the gel pills on itself to create fibers that pick up dead skin without scrubbing. Packed with tangerine, papaya, and licorice extracts, you can make sure the skin is soothed while exfoliating. Just like the Florence by Mills exfoliator, it’s vegan, cruelty free, and free of parabens, sulfate, and phthalates.  

BUY Neutrogena Ultra Light Cleansing Oil HERE, $8

BUY DHC Face Wash Powder HERE, $12.50

BUY e.l.f Cosmetics Gentle Peeling Exfoliant HERE, $10

Step 3: Cleanser

Millie cries, “You immediately feel better,” after “applying” her cleanser. Some other cleansers that would actually make Millie feel immediately better? 

The Pixi Rose Cream Cleanser covers all the bases the Clean Magic Face Wash does. It cleans and refreshes (of course), it balances the skin through conditioning ingredients such as rose and avocado, and it’s rich in antioxidants that protect the skin.   

Another incredible option is the Pacifica Complete Sea Foam Face Wash. It has coconut water, a natural skin balancer, and sea algae extract to restore the skin’s moisture and brightness. 

BUY Pacifica Complete Sea Foam Face Wash HERE, $10 

BUY Pixi Rose Cream Cleanser HERE, $18

Step 4: Moisturizer

Millie’s “favorite part of [her] skincare routine” and one she actually tries in the video (she squeezes the tube on camera) is moisturizer. It’s perhaps the one part of her video that makes sense. Moisturizing is very important. 

Formulated for teenage skin, the Dreamy Dew Moisturizer is all about keeping the oils at bay while staying moisturized and looking dewy. 

An easy way to accomplish that is with a gel moisturizer. A fail-safe option is the Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel. This moisturizer is oil free but the hyaluronic acid draws in water, making sure your skin gets the moisture and care it needs without any oil. 

The Water Boost Hydrating Booster from Simple, made with clean ingredients, takes care of dryness, roughness, and tightness, leaving you with the dewy skin of Millie’s dreams. Plus, this moisturizer has a non-comedogenic formula, which means it won’t clog your pores. 

BUY Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel HERE, $15

BUY Simple Water Boost Hydrating Booster HERE, $5

BUY Versed Skin Soak Rich Moisture Cream HERE, $18

Step 5: Lip oil

Millie wraps up her nighttime routine with lip oil. Another product she actually puts on in the video, the Glow Yeah Lip Oil seems trustworthy, which might be why it’s sold out. 

Instead, another fantastic option is one from Versed. The Silk Slip Conditioning Lip Oil features jojoba oil and vitamin E, delivering moisturized and smooth lips.  

A no-frills option is the ChapStick Total Hydration Vitamin Enriched Lip Oil. As the name suggests, it’s packed with vitamins C and E and omega 3, 6, and 9 to help chapped lips heal. The oils in the formula pump moisture back to the lips. 

BUY Versed Silk Slip Conditioning Lip Oil HERE $10 

BUY ChapStick Total Hydration Vitamin Enriched Lip Oil HERE $5

Buy Nooni Applecoco Lip Oil HERE, $12

You can face map your pimples to tell you why you’re breaking out

Not all acne is the same, but have you ever noticed that some zits keeps popping up in the same few places?

Whether your acne occurs once a month or it’s decided to become a permanent resident of the United States of You, recurring blemishes can be your body’s special way of communicating with you. To find out what your acne is so desperately pleading with you, we sat down with Dr. Y. Claire Chang. A board-certified dermatologist at Union Square Dermatology in New York City, AKA a professional pimple whisperer, Dr. Chang told us how you can decode and listen to your acne.

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All acne, whether it’s on your face or your body, can be narrowed down to the same root causes. The culprits? A blend of excess oil production, clogged pores, bacteria, and inflammation. If you keep breaking out in certain spots, it could point towards a range of things from lifestyle patterns to fluctuating hormones, so mapping your acne can be beyond helpful so you can figure out exactly what’s going on.


If you’re past the teenage hormonal stage, forehead acne could be due to your hair – or hair products. Yep, greasy hair or oily hair pomades, gels, creams can be a major cause of breakouts. This, due to it blocking your pores or increasing bacteria on your forehead area.  “Long hair, bangs, or oily hair may exacerbate sweat and oily, clogging the pores, worsening acne,” says Dr. Chang. And completely avoiding doing your hair by wearing a hat doesn’t help, either. According to Dr. Chang, wearing caps or hats can also clog pores and trap bacteria. Yikes. To decrease your forehead acne, Dr. Chang says to wash your hair regularly (and also your dirty hats!) If that’s not helping, cut it short.  “Oftentimes, cutting the bangs shorter and avoiding hair products can treat forehead acne.” And cut out forehead acne, for good.

Chin and Jaw

Did you know your beard could be why you struggle with acne along your jaw and chin? Isn’t that so rude? If you have a beard, ingrown hairs may irritate the skin into breaking out, but shaving your beard off isn’t the answer either. Shaving can inflame the skin, even leading to infection if you’re very unlucky, which means more acne. So, what’s a guy to do? According to Dr. Chang, prevention is key. She recommends, “using a moisturizing shaving cream, using a single blade or electric razor, shaving in the direction of the hair follicle, and keeping razors sterile before use.” Prevention isn’t a perfect science, so if your break outs still continue to flare up, you could always opt for these very effective treatments such as benzoyl peroxide and tretinoin, topical steroids, and oral antibiotics.

Deep cystic acne, and sometimes small pink bumps and whiteheads, along the jawline can point towards hormonal triggers such as the menstrual cycle. In short, your period could be the reason for your monthly pimple pop ups. Although the hormone train that is your menstrual cycle can’t be completely stopped, Dr. Chang suggests slowing things down with oral contraceptive and even some forms of high blood pressure medication (oral spironolactone treatment).

Cheek and Nose

There’s nothing worse than waking up to a giant pimple in the middle of your face, but it is also one of the most common areas people break out in. One downside to how common cheek and nose acne are is that there are many different causes for the breakouts. The most likely reason, however, probably has to do with the fact the notoriously pesky T-Zone runs through your cheeks and nose. The T-Zone, where most people get shiny and greasy throughout the day, produces an excessive amount of oil and sebum. Your over-achieving oil glands make the cheek and nose area more vulnerable to clogged pores and acne. An quick and easy solution? “Avoid bacteria buildup by washing your pillow and bed sheets frequently, which can touch the skin while you sleep and flare the acne,” Dr. Chang advises.

Back, Shoulder, and Chest

According to Dr. Chang, the shoulder, back, and chest are areas with high concentrations of sebaceous glands.Unfortunately, this means they’re more prone to acne, just like the T-Zone. An obvious issue is puberty because your hormones cause higher levels of oil production in the sebaceous glands. Although you can’t fast-forward through puberty, simple swaps like opting for loosely fitting clothes rather than tight ones can make a big difference. Sweating during exercise or in the summer can also contribute to body acne, so be sure to immediately, and I mean immediately, get out of your sweaty clothes when you’re done at the gym or when you get home and shower. Why not make it a luxurious shower with your favorite shower gel and fancy shampoo while you’re at it? It’s not like you don’t deserve it! When breakouts still occur, which they could because you’re human, Dr. Chang says, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial medications can help significantly with chest and back acne. So take that salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide wash and use it stat!


Everybody’s favorite past time, Netflix in bed, could be contributing to acne on your tush. Unfortunately for us, “sweating and sitting for long periods of time can clog the pores,” Dr. Chang shared with us. Clogged pores, as we all know by now, increase susceptibility to breakouts. Ass acne (which will now be known as assne) can also come from folliculitis. What is folliculitis? Simply put, it’s an inflammation of the hair follicles that is commonly caused by bacterial infections or from shaving. To combat this, don’t skimp on the soap down there, and if you shave for a bare butt, be sure to follow the crucial steps you would when shaving your face. Use a nourishing shaving cream, sterilize your razor, and go forth.

Our Takeaways

While some acne can be easily remedied with simple solutions such as showering after the gym or prepping your skin before shaving, recurring blemishes can also have internal causes such as hormones. Although hormones aren’t something you can control, they are something you can regulate with the help of a doctor. Even still, Dr. Yang’s recommendation may not work for everyone, but there’s no need to worry because not every single breakout is one that needs to be banished. Acne is nothing to be ashamed of because it is something everybody deals with. Whether your skin is flaring up in breakouts or you’re having the clearest skin day in weeks, you are still you and you are still incredible.

Reporting by Blair Cannon