Genera+ion on HBO sharply depicts the raw realities of growing up in Gen Z

The cast and crew of the new HBO show Genera+ion are committed to real representation, […]
byLauren White|FeaturesRead More

Common Heir is a zero plastic skincare brand combining luxury and sustainability

Top-shelf skincare that’s all results with zero plastic? It’s about time.  While you were busy […]
byNicole Baylock|FaceRead More

Very Good Light comes together with Refinery29 and Vice in culture-pushing partnership

Beauty has always been inherently transgressive. We only need to look back in history to […]
byVery Good Light|FeaturesRead More

Skincare brand founder Guy Morgan wants you to reconsider vegan and natural beauty

Navigating the world of natural indie beauty can be tricky. With endless brands that offer […]
byJacob Garland|FeaturesRead More

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Kamala Harris

Singer/songwriter Charlotte Sands on her viral TikTok song “Dress,” Harry Styles, and gender expression

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20 gifts to help anyone on your list chill the F out

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Marcel Ruiz on the ties that bind Latinx cultures, activism, and Gen Z’s limitless creative freedom

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Being an ally to the autistic community means understanding their experiences, first

Friday, April 2nd, 2021 is National Autism Awareness Day But the autistic community is asking […]
byLauren White|FeaturesRead More

How these trans voices are celebrating international transgender day of visibility

Today marks history for the LGBTQ+ community. As we may know, today marks President Joe […]
byJacob Garland|UncategorizedRead More

How the pandemic affected women at that frontline of the beauty industry

Frontline workers need us more than ever.  A major concern for the last year has […]
byLauren White|FeaturesRead More

The future of natural deodorant according to these 5 brand founders

Globally, the natural deodorant market is expected to reach $158.5 million by the year 2025. […]
byOlivia Cefalu|BodyRead More

5 mother-daughter owned beauty brands to follow this women’s history month

Starting a business can be a very empowering journey. From testing, trying, and doing it […]
byJacob Garland|FeaturesRead More

This new beauty livestream shopping app is taking unfiltered beauty seriously

Do you remember a world without filters? The beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic forced almost […]
byJacob Garland|HomepageRead More

Dermatologists on TikTok warn about the dangers of over-the-counter skin-lightening treatments

Dermatologist TikTok is one of the best ways to get the latest beauty hacks and […]
byKristen Wong|BodyRead More

Melyon is the skincare brand formulating products specifically for skin of color

Through education, marketing, and product formulation, skin of color is often ignored. The beauty industry […]
byNicole Baylock|BodyRead More

The new Schick Xtreme Eco-Glide is the first fully recyclable disposable razor

We can’t talk about shaving without talking about sustainability.  Constantly cycling through disposable razors can […]
byJacob Garland|FaceRead More

New men’s grooming brand OffCourt launches with a new generation of body spray

Natural deodorants can be a sensitive subject. From my experience, sometimes they can be sticky, […]
byLauren White|BodyRead More


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