Alexsey Reyes is the 19-year-old photographer shooting campaigns for major brands like Converse, Netflix, and Conde Nast

Imagine being 16-years-old and waking up to an email from the trendy shoe brand Converse, […]
byOlivia Cefalu|FeaturesRead More

How The Crown Act is helping to end race-based hair discrimination at the federal and state level

Hair is one of the major parts of Black culture. It’s always been a hot […]
byKerane Marcellus|HairRead More

How the Korean 10-step skincare routine evolved into skincare minimalism

Korean skincare has undeniably changed how Americans view their skincare routine. Korean skincare made its […]
byNicole Baylock|FaceRead More

Meet Yasha Lelonek, the Gen Z actor who is blazing trails for trans women of color 

Yasha has written, co-directed, and starred in multiple projects like choreopoem FIEBRE, The Destroyers, for […]
byKerane Marcellus|FeaturesRead More

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20 gifts to help anyone on your list chill the F out

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Becca Cosmetics is shutting down for good later this year

R.I.P. Becca Cosmetics, 2001-2021. Your bright, shining highlighters will be missed.  It was announced today, […]
byJacob Garland|HomepageRead More

How to address the inherent racism in your university and other creative institutions

As February and Black History Month come to an end, it would be hypocritical of […]
byKristen Wong|HomepageRead More

Ryan Murphy’s go-to wig stylist Chris Clark on his favorite Hollywood hair transformations

It’s true: a great hairstyle can either make or break a look. When it comes […]
byJacob Garland|FeaturesRead More

How to get rid of those tiny white bumps under your eyes

Everyone has their unique skincare concerns, but there always seems to be one issue that […]
byLauren White|FaceRead More

Self-love activist and creative genius @okdeon on coming out, representation, and falling in love with himself

If you’ve ever thought about the phrase “Black boy joy,” a picture of Deon Hinton […]
byKerane Marcellus|FeaturesRead More

How to take better baths

It turns out you’ve been taking baths all wrong.   It seems like there has always […]
byKristen Wong|BodyRead More

7 Lubricants you can also use as skincare

Lube is not just for sex anymore. Sexual health brands are making a breakthrough in […]
byNicole Baylock|FaceRead More

Singer-songwriter NoMBe on his new album: like sexuality, ‘love is on a spectrum’

NoMBe may have been born in Germany, but he has always belonged to the world. […]
byCristina Montemayor|FeaturesRead More

5 Couples explain what Black love means to them

The Black community has faced unspeakable hardships for over 400-years in America. This past summer […]
byKerane Marcellus|FeaturesRead More

19 rose-infused beauty products for self-love on Valentine’s Day

What doesn’t symbolize love and passion more than roses? Beyond the hypnotic scent of rose, […]
byJacob Garland|BodyRead More


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