Whenever I’m Snapchatting (or now, also Instagram Story-ing depending on my mood or how popular I want to feel) my current face mask obsession, it’s usually something that seems fun, outre, or makes me look like a rich Caucasian woman. It ranges from the very good Chantecaille, $89

mud mask, to the flawless Malin + Goetz Detox Face Mask, $49

. Or simply, a cheap $2 sheet mask from a Korean store.

But in secret, the mask that I actually use stops and ends with spoiled yogurt. The chunkier, the smellier and the bigger the gag reflex, the better, I’ve deduced. Maybe it’s the Korean in me, we love a good fermented soy bean or cabbage for kimchi, after all. Spoiled yogurt mask is a tip I received a few years ago from my makeup artist friend Esther, who lives in Los Angeles. She’s the one woman I know who’s never without a flawless, porcelain complexion. A reformed K-Town girl who used to rock Chola eyebrows like nobody’s business, she’s now a happily (but still feisty) married woman residing in the suburbs of Pasadena. Make no mistake though, her approach to beauty is absolutely no-fuss (after all, you can take the girl out of K-town but … ), but perfect.

yogurt mask

The older the better, in this case.

So when she told me about her face mask regimen while I was visiting, my ears perked. The only ingredient was expired yogurt. “The older, the better,” she told me. All you had to do, she explained, was slather that old yogurt across your face, wait for it to dry, then rinse it off. Not only does it exfoliate your skin, she said, you’re left with a healthy, dewy complexion.

That’s all?

That’s all. Apparently, old yogurt is all you need, though if you want to get fancy, you can add a little honey or cucumber in the mix. Honey is a natural antibacterial so is great for acne, while cucumber soothes and hydrates the skin.

Why is yogurt so good for you?

Yogurt is a natural exfoliant and one that includes a high dose of lactic acid. Of course, we know lactic acid is the prime ingredient for many of our favorite products including Sunday Riley’s Good Genes, $85. Lactic acid is also known as alpha hydroxy acid (AHA), an ingredient that helps in reducing wrinkles, stops premature aging, as well as improving your skin’s texture.


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In good conscience, I should recommend yogurt that’s a day or two expired (to be safe!). But in my experience, like I said, the thicker and smellier, the better. Most yogurts have live cultures aka probiotics, that make them so good for you. That is, good bacteria that promotes digestion in the colon and stomach. This means it’s actually great for fighting that bad bacteria that’s been festering on your pores all day. SLAY-ther away!

Prove thy skin slayage with this gross yogurt face mix!

Here’s how you can do it, too!

  • After cleansing your skin, take expired yogurt and massage into your pores. Ensure it’s a thin layer so if can properly dry.
  • As a bonus, add cucumber and/or honey
  • Leave on for 10-15 minutes until yogurt soaks into your skin.
  • Wash off, add toner, essence, and moisturizer. Voila! You’ve. Got. Dat. Glow!

Have any other weird, gross, or easy face mask hacks you’ve learned over the years? Comment below!


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