Sheet masks are cool and all, until they suck.

Like, you’re eating popcorn and watching Netflix’s Love Season 2 when you taste serum from the juice dripping all over. Or when you’re moseying to the bathroom and realize you left a trail of goop. Like, did your water break or something?

But what if you could mask on the go without the mess, without the fuss? Enter K-beauty’s Make P:rem In-Shower Face Mask. It’s a product that seems heaven-sent for someone like me. The mask is one that you use while you’re showering, meaning you get that deep face hydration without sacrificing time or having to wipe away any droppings on your bed, couch or floor. The formula includes anti-inflammatory centella asiatica extract, sodium hyaluronate, an algae extract, antioxidants like blackberry and fig. Make P:rem says that it works by creating a barrier in your skin while the steam from your hot shower allows the ingredients to soak into your pores.

I received the product from the Glow Recipe girls (they’re currently having a pop up shop in NYC’s Soho), who told me that for someone lazy like me, it’s perfect. I was skeptical at first. Like, wouldn’t the mask fall off when your shower was blasting down on you? Did it stick to your skin and make it more inflamed? Would there be a bigger mess to clean? So many questions.

The first thing I did in the shower after thrashing my clothes off, was gently cleanse my face with Cetaphil. I then pumped the In-Shower Mask 3-6 times so that it could create a thick layer on my face. I couldn’t help but feel like I was the Swam Thing or something, this mask congealing to my pores. That being said, the formula isn’t sticky at all. It’s actually thick like gelatin and is the color of root beer. With wet, clumsy hands, I laid the mask on thick and waited for it to set in. Ten minutes later, I washed the mask off. Initially, I thought the mask was going to be so thick I’d have to scrub the formula off, but I was so surprised to know that it came off pretty easily.

And this is where the real test begins: What did my face feel like after I patted it dry and examined it in the mirror?

I have combination skin and still break out here and there. Sometimes I’ll get blackheads so deep I’m paralyzed with anxiety. Some days I’ll wake up with smooth skin and an even complexion, while others will leave me with dry patches (it really depends on which products I’m testing at the moment). After stepping outside the shower, I immediately felt my skin feel super bouncy and supple, instantly hydrated. It felt smooth, soft and left it matte. I was extremely impressed by how it not only cleansed my skin, but seemed to leave my pores a little tighter.

Do I now feel like a new man after this product? Nah, not really. But did my skin feel tighter, more hydrated and clear? Yas. And for someone who’s lazy like me, masking while multitasking seems like a godsend. Will definitely be replacing my juicy sheet masks with more time in the shower.

Buy it at Glow Recipe, $36, here.