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Dan Snyder is a NYC-based designer and founder of the menswear brand, Corridor. The label is known for its classic staples and shirting. Below, Dan tells us a secret he’s long kept close to his chest: His amazing hair comes from not having washed it in five whole years! Read all about it below. 
My non-shampoo habit is pretty simple – I don’t shampoo! I play soccer and bike commute from Brooklyn to the Garment District most days so I’m sweating most of the time. Washing and rinsing with hot water simply does the trick. When I shower, I rinse and scrub my hair with hot water as though I had shampoo in it. I towel dry, part into place and that’s it. It’s been about 5-years since I last ‘pooed this head.
I spent a college summer living in San Sebastian and found that my hair would look great after a day at the beach, but as soon as I shampooed, my hair would be a frizzy mess. At the time, I had longer curlier hair – think ringlets (this was not a good look), and if my hair was dried out by soap – the ringlets would become a jewfro.
So, I resorted to a variety of hair products. I tried everything from gels, to pastes to balms. In the end, I wanted my hair to look natural and not overly styled. Soon, I found that if I didn’t get my hair wet for a day or so after the beach, my hair maintained a natural look. I started going a couple days at a day time between washes, and my hair started to look so much less frizzy even without the product.
The entire weaning process from shampoo took about two years in intervals. That sounds like a long time, but really, by the end, I would go a month at a time between washes. Eventually, I realized that I didn’t need to shampoo anymore. But it’s not that seamless of a process. I’m going to be real here: your hair will smell and it will be greasy, but that’s the process and why tapering is important.
The entire weaning process from shampoo took about two years in intervals.
At first you will get dandruff, an itchy scalp and oily hair. I don’t suggest that anyone go cold turkey. Try 3 days, then 4, then a week, then two and then you’ll be off to the shampoo freedom races.
I think that most people are worried that their hair will be a greasy mess, and that’s true at first. I would say to them that they should persevere for a life of healthier, happier hair. It’s not easy but it’s worth it and I promise you won’t have dreadlocks.
I think that most people are worried that their hair will be a greasy mess, and that’s true at first.
One thing that i want people to know is that I did this purely for aesthetic reasons. I didn’t stop because I didn’t like chemicals, animal testings or wanted to be natural. I just wanted my hair to look good (I’m not a god damn hippie).
Recently, I learned about the the “no ‘poo” or the “co-washing (conditioner wash)” movement. This was only after I completely stopped washing my hair.
My different strands feels softer, healthier and cleaner than it ever has before. The reaction was and is, near universal – that I’m a disgusting beast. I don’t usually bring it up for a while or at all. After folks have known me for a bit and know that I do not smell and that my hair is at least a 6, maybe I’ll bring it up and they are usually shocked – but after this post; I think that’s the end of my party trick. – As told to Very Good Light


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