My skin is having an identity crisis.

It has been since the start of quarantine, and we’re coming up on at the one-year anniversary since this whole mess began. My acne has been exacerbated by stress, junk food, and lack of exercise. Recently, I’ve welcomed a new skin concern, one that was once considered uncharted territory for many of us; maskne. I feel like I’m late to the club?

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To help my skin through its identity crisis, I started to look for products that I normally wouldn’t reach for. Thicker moisturizers to protect, toners that are calming versus exfoliating, and oil-based serums. And with the rise of the”skin minimalism” trend, I was encouraged to take a hard look at my routine and cut out what wasn’t suiting my needs anymore.

I figured what better way to get back to the basics of nourishment than with an oil serum – something my oily skin usually doesn’t usually get along with. I wanted to ease my skin into this type of hydration. I stumbled upon a brand called Whimsy Official. The brand is new to the skincare category and came fresh out the gate with its Halcyon Botanic Serum. Read on to hear what it’s all about.

The brand

The chic indie brand is known for its Ceremonial Grade Matcha ($59) and Glow Getter Collagen Blend ($49), and boasts the tagline: “plant alchemy, conscious luxury.” Whimsy Official believes wellness and beauty are synonymous, which paves the way for them to keep expanding into skincare.

Their dark and stormy Instagram feed has a luxury feel and showcases pops of color with stunning glasses of matcha lattes. It gives off a feeling of bespoke quality wellness.

Besides just looking good, Whimsy Official is committed to doing right by the planet and giving back to their community. Over-launching for the sake of newness is something they strive to avoid, and they view sustainability beyond an ecological standpoint.

“We believe that using top-tier, effective products should feel attainable and exciting rather than overwhelming. This is why we will always aim to keep our product SKUs low for the sake of our community,” says the brand on their website. All Whimsy Official products are organic, renewable, and contribute to a low carbon footprint.

By 2022, Whimsy Official hopes to offer seasonal grants for fellow sustainable, female, and non-binary-led companies eager to make a change, but who lack the financial ability to do so.

My skin type

I never thought my oily skin could have experience, dry, itchy, and flaky acne. The acne I usually experience is inflammatory and causes excess sebum production. But wearing my mask everywhere has caused teeny tiny whiteheads that are itchy and annoying.

Every time I take my mask off, my skin feels like it’s gasping for air. As much as I want to, I can’t wash my face every time I whip my mask off. My skin barrier needs a little TLC, so any sweat that occurs doesn’t immediately wreak havoc and cause those whiteheads.


Whimsy Official’s Halcyon Botanic Serum ($95) only contains eight ingredients. The brand sticks to what they call “The 3 Official Pillars.” The serum is free from essential oils, comedogenic ingredients, and allergens. The last one I really appreciate, as I’m allergic to nuts, and it’s made me realize just how often something like sweet almond oil is used in skincare.

The Halcyon Botanic Serum($95) is 100 percent vegan and made with cold-pressed oils. Kalahari watermelon, rosehip seed, jojoba, camellia seed, apricot, strawberry, borage, and carrot seed oils are the eight ingredients within the serum.

The review

This is not a serum I would have thought to try. This also isn’t a serum texture I’m used to. I would categorize this product as a light facial oil.

Usually, I layer oils over my moisturizer to seal everything in. But with this serum, despite its oil consistency, I’ve been using it before my moisturizer because of how light it is. It’s a little bit thicker than water and it doesn’t leave a greasy feeling. The dry-down texture is actually pretty amazing for a product that is exclusively oil.

The best way to describe the scent is earthy but a little sweet. I think this is the harmony the carrot and borage oils create with the watermelon, apricot, and strawberry oils. While all ingredients have fabulous antioxidant benefits to protect the skin from free radicals, the best call-outs are from the watermelon, jojoba, and borage oils.

The Kalahari watermelon oil is rich in alpha-linolenic acid, which helps to unclog pores, allowing them to rid themselves of bacteria and sebum and receive moisture and nourishment instead. Jojoba oil is able to help repair and soothe any damaged or scarred skin, and it creates a healthy barrier of protection. And finally, borage oil calms redness, aids in hyperpigmentation, and reduces inflammation. It’s often an active ingredient in products that treat rosacea, psoriasis, and eczema.

I never thought an oil would be able to heal whiteheads, dry patches, or itchy skin. This is another instance where something I never would have reached for ending up working well for my skin, soothing it and clearing maskne altogether. Using a serum with protective oils to nourish and take care of skin has taught me to tone down exfoliation and spot treating.

My only gripe with this product is the price: $95. At first glance, this can seem like a bit much for something that has eight ingredients. But quality ingredients like cold-pressed oils are pricy because they should be sustainably sourced and harvested. This serum has lasted me about two months and I’m not rationing. You really only need a drop or two. The longevity of the product definitely makes the price sting a little less.


Whimsy Official launched into a new category, skincare

– Their Halcyon Botanic Serum ($95) is made of only eight ingredients

– This serum helps soothe skin and can help heal maskne


A definite buy considering how long the serum can last. If you struggle with a compromised skin barrier, this oil can certainly help nourish. And if you’re looking to breakthrough into facial oils, consider trying this one first. Buy HERE, $95.


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