Skeleton hand tattoos are said to be an homage to lives lost and loved.

The skeleton hand tattoo trend might be something that most people think is just another fleeting trend. However, there’s a deeper meaning to it. Not every tattoo you get has to be something meaningful, but skeleton hand tattoos hold the meaning of overcoming life’s obstacles.

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Skeleton hand tattoos grew in popularity this year in wake of the difficulties that we’ve all had to face in lockdown and the after-effects of the pandemic. The amount of people getting tattoos has actually increased, which isn’t surprising since people have made it a point to live life to the fullest capacity that they can – which includes getting some ink.

Let’s take a look at some skeleton hand tattoo inspiration before your next ink appointment.

1. Fine line skeleton hand tattoos

Since a skeleton hand tattoo is already a stand-out piece, thin, clean lines might be the way to go for those of you who are more of a minimalist. Your upkeep for this type of tattoo might be a bit more since hand tattoos fade faster. Touch-ups are highly recommended to keep those lines sharp.

2.  Outline skeleton hand tattoos

An outline of skeleton bones has always been cool. You can ask your tattoo artist to work with you on how much of an outline you actually want. There’s not much shadowing in that your aris would have to do, just intricate drawing to make your outline look neat. This type of tattoo is definitely meant to be a stand-out piece of tattoo art. It can serve as a reminder to live life to the fullest.

3. Skeleton face hand tattoos

This type of design is pretty intense and not for the faint of heart. If you have a high pain tolerance, then this should be a piece of cake for you. There’s a lot of shading that would have to be done for this type of tattoo, and you could even add color to make the face more realistic. This is a great opportunity to pay homage to someone that you’ve loved. It can be a piece that initiates healing from the past or celebrate a life that meant a lot to you.

4. Rock and roll skeleton hand tattoos

If you love rock and roll and have a free spirit or old soul, this is for you. This tattoo says you’re fun and down for anything. Depending on how big you want the piece it shouldn’t take a super long time. You can choose with your tattoo artist what type of lines you want depending on what vibe you’re going for. After you get this tattoo, you’re going to get hella compliments.

5. Realistic skeleton hand tattoos

Hyperrealism art through tattoos is a trend that’s been popping up more and more. Imagine having a realistic skeleton on your hand. It’s a little eerie and it will definitely take quite a while to complete, maybe multiple sessions, but is totally worth the end result. Definitely have an in-depth consultation with your tattoo artist to get the design that you’re going for.

6.  Skeletons and roses hand tattoos

Skeleton tattoos can be a way of acknowledging the inevitability of death. There’s also a playfulness that can play into it as well. A skeleton holding a rose can represent hope. There are a few ways that you can get this design: it can be detailed and shaded with color or it can also be a smaller, minimalist piece. Either way, your new tattoo will have heads turning.

7. Minimal skeleton hand tattoos

There’s something really fun about a tiny whole skeleton just chilling on your arm. Our favorite rockstar, Miley Cyrus, can be seen sporting her tiny skeleton on the red carpets. Usually, this type of tattoo would be pretty small but you can talk to your tattoo artist and get yourself a bigger design. This type of tattoo would look great alongside a bunch of other tiny tattoos.

8. Flower skeleton hand tattoo

The line between life and death is often razor-thin. This skeleton hand tattoo starts as a flower before transforming into a skeleton as the artwork flows into her fingers. It’s a beautiful piece that represents a life in bloom and the ending we’re all certain to face one day.

9. Skeleton hand tattoo

Underneath our skin, we’re all just skeletons. This true-to-life depiction of a human skeleton hand on an actual hand is crazy realistic. If you’re interested in getting a similar tattoo, I would shop around for a qualified tattoo artist who can pull off this hyperrealistic piece of art.

10. Old English font skeleton hand tattoo

This tattoo just looks straight-up cool. The outline of the skeleton extends all the way past the wrist, which looks super dope as it bleeds into the flower on the model’s right hand. Adding the Old English font on top of the skeleton tattoo gives it a vintage feel, which definitely adds to the cool factor.

11. Funny skeleton hand tattoo

This one is just too good. What’s not to love about a skeleton coming up from its grave to ask “Can I please pet your dog?” The marks on the ground and attention to detail in this one is next level.

12. Pinky promise skeleton hand tatttoo

A promise lasts forever. This tattoo of two skeleton hands making a pinky promise speaks to an ironclad agreement made between two people. The text, which reads “Let all you do be done in love,” adds a hint of sweetness to the otherwise serious message.

13. Coffin skeleton hand tattoo

This skeleton tattoo serves as a reminder to live life to the fullest while you still can. Anyone who has experienced the death of a loved one knows how short life really is, and how quickly it can end before you know it. We love the playful nature of this tattoo with the skeleton hand poking out of the coffin.

14. Hand poked skeleton tattoo

Hand poked tattoos are a form of non-electric tattooing where the needle is hand-powered instead of electric. The design is applied using a single needle to push the ink under the skin, which results in a more delicate style of artwork. It takes longer than your typical tattoo session, but if love the dainty, delicate look of hand-poked tattoos, it may be worth the extra time in the tattoo chair. This tattoo features a heart on a string dangling from the skeleton hand, and looks super cute with the pop of red around the heart.

15. Michelangelo-inspired skeleton hand tattoo

The Creation of Adam by Michelangelo is a painting that forms part of the Sistine Chapel’s ceiling symbolizing the gap between God and man. It illustrates the Biblical creation narrative from the Book of Genesis in which God gives life to Adam, the first man. This take on the iconic painting replaces both God and Adam’s hands with skeleton hands, which could represent the circle of life from an atheist or agnostic point of view. Whatever it means, it looks pretty freaking cool.


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