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You probably know Geologie from their personalized skincare, 5,200+ five-star reviews, or 13+ awards. You complete a diagnostic quiz, and they give you a complete routine catered to your skin needs. That old chestnut. Well, Geologie has now dipped its toes into a new category: haircare. What can a skincare brand bring to the hair space? A line-up shampoo and two co-wash formulations with skin-loving ingredients.

The Cooling Hair Co-Wash is formulated with tea tree oil, aloe vera, and menthol. Tea tree oil assists in breaking down (and preventing) buildup of product, sweat, and dirt in your hair and scalp. Aloe vera contains fatty acids and amino acids to help strengthen your hair. The menthol gives the formula that bracing, cooling sensation. (I can attest to the fact that it feels great.)

The Smoothing Hair Co-Wash is formulated with coconut oil and avocado oil. If you want smoother hair with more moisture and less frizz, you’ll want these ingredients. If you, too, are already noticing the drier air (and radiator heat) wreaking havoc on your hair, this would be a great option for you.

Both formulations contain ingredients you might usually see in skincare. Vitamin B5 — sometimes called panthenol — seals in moisture within the hair follicle. Squalene helps protect hair from further damage. Both soften while adding shine and moisture without greasiness.

What is co-wash?

Co-wash is a cleansing conditioner. Typically, shampoos contain detergents or sulfates, which help break down dirt and oils. It’s effective, but depending on the frequency that you wash, it can cause dryness in both your hair and scalp. Co-wash solves that by preserving the good, essential natural oils of your hair and scalp.

Who is co-washing for?

Co-washing is for all hair types.

How do you use co-wash?

Use it as you would a shampoo. Work a blob of the product into wet hair and get to work. Since the cleansing action is manual, use this to really give your roots and scalp a hearty massage. These are low-to-no later, so while you don’t see any suds, it’s still working. Leave it in your hair for at least a minute before rinsing. If you’re looking for a deeper clean, use a bit more product and leave it in for longer. Repeat the same steps. Easy, huh?

How does co-wash work?

Rather than cleansing agents, cleansing conditioner relies on friction and scrubbing to help loosen dirt and oil from your hair.

How often do you use co-wash?

That will largely depend on your hair type and needs.

For coarse, textured, curly, braided, bleached, or colored hair:

It can be your primary cleanser for every time you need to wash your hair.
For damaged, bleached, colored, long, fine, or oily hair:

Use it in place of your regular conditioner as a deep conditioning rinse.

For heat-styled, damaged, bleached, colored, or longer hair:

You can use it as a deep conditioning treatment once a week.

For everyone looking for a sleek hairstyle:

You can also use a bit as a pre-styling treatment to help add weight to poofy hair.
For anyone with a beard:

Use it as a cleanser to wash and condition your beard. It’s haircare made by skincare people. That’s the kind of thing you would want to wash your face hair with, after all.

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Geologie was also kind enough to offer 50% off 30-day personalized skincare trial sets to Very Good Light readers. You can use the code VGL50 to get started on your custom skincare journey.


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