About seven months ago, I found myself seeing a pattern of repeating numbers throughout my day.

Every time I'd look at a clock, it just happened to be 2:22 or 3:33; when I'd buy a coffee, the total came out to $5.55. I started seeing these repeating numbers multiple times a day, every day. (I still do!) I just thought it was a crazy coincidence and didn't think much of it until, one day, I saw the number 222 five different times. I was a little freaked out.

I looked into the meaning of seeing repeating numbers, discovering there is power and purpose behind them, not just some wild happenstance. They're called angel numbers, and they have significant spiritual meaning. I started studying their implications and using these numbers as reminders to change my mindset, reaffirm my choices, and as a way to manifest my goals.

In numerology, the study of a divine significance to numbers, it is understood that each number carries a specific vibrational frequency. This wavelength is similar to the one that angels and other celestial beings resonate. Often, when our guardian angels want to get our attention, they will repeatedly send us a specific series of numbers. These experiences often leave you searching for meaning. I reached out to numerology expert Jasmine Wolfe to help me form a guide for what angel numbers mean and how you can use them to grow in 2022.

111 on a blue background

111: Intuition

If you see this, follow your heart and gut. The number one signifies new beginnings and fresh starts. 111 encourages you to keep following your spirit. You are on the right path. Whatever is going on in your mind at that moment is going to be repeated, so it's essential to keep your thoughts positive and energy focused on what you want to help push that energy to existence. 111 is a message that you're starting a new journey. Take the message and listen to what your heart is telling you is about to happen.

222 on a green background

222: Observation

This angel number tells you you are in the right place at the right time. Trust what you want — the number two signals a relationship, sometimes a romantic one. You could become aware of a change you need to make in your relational habits or learn lessons regarding the foundations of your life. This number is essential to find where you feel solid and don't, so if given this message, use it to build a stronger, healthier foundation and relationships in the coming year.

333 on a pink background

333: Growth

"This number is inspiring if you feel like you're in stagnation." It would help if you had balance with your mind, body, and soul. Focus on these three aspects and don't neglect any of them. Self-correct and find the healthy balance you've been craving. This number can push you to follow your health goals in 2022. Embark in that daily meditation, follow through with your new workout routine, create those vision boards, and try new hobbies.

444 on a mustard background

444: Stability

444 signifies that your guardian angels and spirit guides are protecting you. Pay attention to your thoughts and surroundings when you see this number. If you face a challenge, know that you are being heard and surrounded by support. 444 is an excellent reminder in 2022 that you are not alone, and the universe entirely supports you at that moment. Take heart and find reassurance to root down and find your strength.

555 on a magenta background

555: Change

This angel number denotes that change is occurring. The universe moves things around when you encounter this number. Don't fear! Change is a good thing, even if it is uncomfortable. This year, stop looking at change as a negative thing. To obtain the dreams you want, your life must look different than it once did. When facing change, find your positive mindset; you need aspects to move and look further to reach those goals.

666 on a purple background

666: Reflect

Don't worry. 666 doesn't have the sinister meaning you may expect. This number signifies love, harmony, and healing coming your way. It could mean a new romance. Take this sign to find what is giving you love and joy in your life and what isn't. This year, use this number to remove the toxic things and hold you back from who you want to become. Ask yourself what you can be doing differently this year to become a more robust version of yourself and invite the things that fulfill you. Slow down and find the harmony, healing, or love that this symbol is telling you is coming.

777 on an orange background

777: Truth

If you encounter repeated sevens, this is the universe telling you to relax and let go of fear. You are on the right path; you need to trust yourself. You may be questioning or searching for yourself. Use sevens this year to start trusting your gut. Stop worrying and find the truth in yourself.

888 on a pink background.

888: Balance

This number symbolizes infinity. It signifies that you effortlessly go with the universe's natural flow. 888 can also tie into a wave of financial stability and prosperity. This number is a great moment to be grateful for in 2022; use it to pat yourself on the back. Take that energy and focus on all aspects of your life because success is coming. Find more gratitude in 2022.

999 on a blue background

999: Wisdom

If you see 999s, things you've worked toward for a while are coming to the point of completion. This number can bring change, but positive change, your goals are being met, a chapter is closing. In this time, start visualizing new goals and keep growing. Use this number to reference where you are in your journey this year. You may feel like you are achieving that huge goal or about to make a big move to start that dream. Don't stop there. Start working towards the next destination as this one comes to a close.

So now you know, with the help of Jasmine's expertise, what these messages mean and the powerful impact they can have on your journey. When receiving an angel number, the most important thing to do is to slow down. We move fast, so make sure to devote time and think about the energy of the number and its message for you. You can do this by journaling, creating art around the number, or even pausing and telling the universe, "message received." Or you can be more permanent and get the number tattooed on your body, whichever you prefer! Trust what you feel when receiving messages because they mean something different for everyone. It's your message, after all.


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