I was using a hairbrush from 1994 up until three months ago.

As I write this, I realize how disgusting that sounds. But it's true. My once beloved paddle brush was pre-loved by my older sister. I stole it somewhere around 2005. What's worse is I don't even think I ever washed it. Anyways…

The pandemic has made me take an interest in my hair health, trying new goops, heatless curl trends originating on TikTok, understanding scalp care, and high-tech tools. The one product I didn't know I needed was a new brush, a fancy one, might I add.

Last month, I had just received one of the best facials of my life. My poor skin desperately needed a chemical peel. I just had one too many blackheads living rent-free on my face. At the close of the facial, my esthetician ever so gently brushed through my hair with something that felt like one of those wire head massagers. When he stood up, he said, "Take your time. I'll leave the hairbrush out for you if you would like."

Of course, I wanted to use it. And, of course, the place sold this very hairbrush out front. I'd like to know if this is one of their marketing tactics because, in my post-facial euphoric state, I fell in love with it. I fell in love with a $30 hairbrush from a brand called Manta. Sheesh.

The brand

"I wanted to focus on creating a brush that would be as gentle on your hair as running your fingers through it. The Manta is the answer for anyone who wants to keep their hair condition as healthy as possible," says Tim Bennington, Founder of Manta. Tim had been a hairdresser for over 25 years before becoming an entrepreneur.

He decided to make the Manta brush out of necessity for his wife, who had been suffering a severe illness. She had lost all her hair and, as it was growing back, needed something that would minimize breakage. Today, Manta partners with The Little Princess Trust, an organization that supplies wigs to women and children battling cancer and other illnesses. With an ever-growing amount of beauty awards Manta still only has one brush design. But it's unlike any other.

How does it help with breakage?

If you put your hair up a lot in a ponytail or bun, you've definitely spotted some breakage or hair thinning on the sides of your head just above your ears. The same happens if you're forcefully brushing your hair and tugging on the strands causing them to snap. Certified trichologist and hairstylist Gregorio Ruggeri once told me, "Never put your hair in the same type of ponytail. You need to reposition". Admittedly, I often put my hair up haphazardly and brush through it a bit too quickly after the shower. He assured me these two actions could lead to a lot of breakage and weakening of the hair strands over time. Jojo Siwa flashed before my eyes.

The Manta brush is specifically designed with a soft and flexible material. This means it doesn't have any rough edges to snag on the hair shaft. It's also shaped like an oval, fitting in the palm of your hand with flexible bristles that you barely feel. The brush simply can't snag hair due to the way it's designed. It's magical.

The review

I've bought a lot of expensive, often-not-worth-the-hype beauty products in my life. Over time I've learned what not to splurge on (cleansers) and what to splurge on (SPF). Something I never thought I would spend more than, say, $10 on is a hairbrush. I definitely wouldn't believe someone if they told me a hairbrush made their hair healthier, let alone changed their life.

Not only did I buy myself this brush after using it once, but I also bought four more: one for my sister, my mom, best friend, and boyfriend. It's that believable of a product once you try it.

After three months of consistent use, my hair has made significant progress in regrowth and repair in the areas where I had breakage. My hair even has a new texture. It feels softer and actually looks shinier since using the Manta brush.

Perhaps the best part about this brush is how many ways you can hold it. It's ergonomically designed to fit in your hand and be flexible, but you can position it in many ways. Before each use, you're supposed to bend and flex the brush to make it more flexible and easier to manipulate. My favorite way to use it is to cup the brush into a C-shape and use it on sections of my hair. It smooths your hair and works well with a blowdryer.


  • The $30 Manta hairbrush promises healthier hair.
  • It saves your hair from breakage, making it stronger and shinier over time.
  • It's heat-resistant and anti-static, completely flexible as it sits in the palm of your hand.


I can't advocate for this brush enough. The way that it has changed my hair is amazing, and it almost seems impossible. For $30, this can seem like a gimmick, but I promise you it will be your best-kept beauty secret. You'll notice the change in your hair health. Buy HERE, on Amazon.


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