Beloved reader,

If I close my eyes and slow my breathing like a monk that lives at a high altitude, I can almost hear your thoughts. “Didn’t we just have a Prime Day?”

To which I’d telepathically mutter, “yes.”

This Prime Day, like most Prime Days, is a grab bag. I’ve always thought of them as sort of online yard sales. You flick through bins and bins of what is mostly junk with strong T.J. Maxx beauty aisle energy, and maybe, just maybe, you stumble upon something you could actually use. But as always, as your loyal servant, I did the work for you and will maintain this list over the course of the next two days with the best beauty Prime Day deals I can find. (While Prime Day proper doesn't begin until tomorrow, there are early access sales that begin on Monday, October 10 for Prime members.)

Keep an eye on this post. We will keep it updated as new deals trickle in.

Living Proof: 30% off select products

St. Tropez: 30% off select products

ghd: 20% off select products
Like this cute cordless hair straightener

Honest Beauty Honestly Bright Eyes Tinted Eye Cream: $16.80
A concealer/eye cream hybrid

Belief The True Cream Aqua Bomb Moisturizer $26.60
Deeply hydrating gel formula

Uppercut Styling Powder $15.95
Get texture, grip, and lift in your hair without any greasy finish

Farmacy Cheer Up Brightening Vitamin C Under Eye Cream $33.75
4.5 stars! Color me impressed.

HiBar Solid Shampoo and Conditioner $22
TSA can't throw it out if it isn't a liquid

Curling Iron with 5 Interchangeable Heads $38.75
Recreate any Taylor Swift-era you see fit with these various curling and waving tools

Meridian Below-the-Belt Trimmer $58.10
Gentle on your nuts

Rael Miracle Patch $8.79
Invisible enough to wear in public

Cocokind Oil to Milk Makeup Remover $181
Tough on waterproof makeup and easy on skin

Morovan At-Home Gel Polish Removal Set $17.99
For those who have no time to wait around with acetone and tin foil

Winkylux Neopolitan Tinted Lip Balm $18
An ice-cream-scented sheer pink pH balm

Puddle Tabletop Mirror $9.90
An aesthetically-pleasing addition to your vanity

At-Home IPL Hair Removal Device $49.99
It has a 4-star rating

Foot Peel Mask $8.49
Dry weather means it is time for BabyFoot dupe

Mini Ice Face Roller $7.19
Tucks into your tear trough for puffy eyes

Blackhead-Removing Skin Spatula $15.56
Gross yourself out

Skindinavia “Wedding” Extreme Hold Setting Spray $24.52
This is the brand behind Urban Decay's All Nighter spray

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