If there’s one makeup trend that has withstood the test of time, it’s definitely contouring.

While the trend was popularized in the 2010s and has since changed a bit, the concept of contouring has remained the same. From chiseled cheekbones to sharp nose bridges, contouring for your face shape is something that may seem intimidating to master.

There are about seven basic face shapes. Everyone’s face shape is different, but almost everyone can be grouped into one of the seven face shapes: heart-shaped, square, round, oval, pear, oblong, and diamond. Your face shape can determine what type of eyebrows, haircuts, or makeup looks will fit your face the best.

There are countless tutorials on how to contour your face, but as queen Riri says herself, not everyone knows how to contour for their own face. Let’s fix that with this guide to reach your sculpted jaw dreams.

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Heart-Shaped Face Contouring

For the babes that have pointed chins, narrow cheekbones, and wide foreheads, you’ll want to draw contour lines around the edges of your forehead and under your cheekbones. Since you already have a strong jawline, contour the bottom of your chin instead to soften that pointed chin a bit.

Square Face Shape Contouring

To tell if you have a square-shaped face, look to see if your jawline and hairline are about the same length and width. If so, draw contour lines around the sides of your hairline and temples to create a slimmer look to your forehead, then also under your cheekbones and jawline.

Round Face Shape Contouring

Those of you with a round face shape tend to get comments about having a baby face, regardless of how grown you are or feel. Your face shape doesn’t have any particular points to your jawline, forehead, or your chin. To offset that, you’ll want to contour around the sides of your forehead and under your cheekbones starting from your ear to mid-cheek to give your face more dimension.

Oval Face Shape Contouring

Similar to the round face shape, there aren’t any obvious points on an oval face, but it’s much more elongated than round. Your forehead is likely to be the widest part of your face and you have higher cheekbones. Contour under your cheekbones and around your hairline for a slimmer shape. Oval face shapes are pretty symmetrical, so you don’t have to do too much contouring.

Pear-Shaped Face Contouring

Your face shape is wider at the jaw and narrow at the forehead. Draw contour lines along the sides of your jaw to soften the angular shape, then contour along the top of your forehead. The overall look of your face will have softer angles, especially at your jawline.

Oblong Face Shape Contouring

Similar to the oval face shape, oblong face shape is more elongated with no definite points. Oblong faces are rounded at the edges. To give your face some definition, you can contour along your hairline, under your chin, and your cheekbones. That’ll give your selfies the extra oomph you’re looking for.

Diamond Face Shape Contouring

Look in the mirror and try to find the widest part of your face. If it’s your cheeks, then you have a diamond face shape. Diamond faces are narrower at the forehead and chin. If you have a diamond face shape, you only really want to contour under your cheekbones. Start from your ear to mid-cheek. Try not to get too close to your mouth – that’ll cause the opposite effect of looking chiseled.


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