Was 2017 the most inclusive year for beauty?

We’d argue an absolute YES. There was Fenty’s 40 shade foundation (and then Kylie’s own, which launched a few weeks ago), more brands going genderless, and products that are including more guys into the mix. Though we’ve made some serious ground, there’s still so much more to achieve in 2018. The below are our beauty predictions of what’s going to explode in the new year. Here’s a head start for you beauty gurus to get ahead of the trends before they start.

1 Men’s masks will be a thing

#Flask4Mask? (Photo by Maureen Sheen/Very Good Light)

Sheet masking is nothing new. But in South Korea, the epicenter of beauty, more and more brands are coming out with men’s sheet masks. Why the need? Men’s skin types are a little different from women’s. Skin is 30% thicker, men produce more oil and also much more collagen. This isn’t even taking into consideration that men’s faces can be wider than the radius of normal sheet masks. Because of this, brands like Missha have masks specially made “For Men.” Expect more brands to get on this trend and target guys with separate packaging, fragrances, and ingredients.

2 Kbeauty will no longer be a foreign term

Korean sheetmasks double mask
(Illustration by Cat Baldwin/Very Good Light)

Korean Beauty, or “Kbeauty” may be something all of us know by now. But this year, the term will broaden to guys as well. Men’s publications ranging from GQ to Canada’s Title are now writing extensively about the 10-step skincare regimen and Kbeauty’s benefits. It’s a signifier that it’s not only okay to be into beauty, but it’s something that all men should be doing anyway. Here’s to chok chok (that is, supple, bouncy, hydrated) skin!

3 Concealers: no longer a mystery

(BB cream ALL day every day. Illustration by David Yi/Very Good Light)

We don’t understand why a lot of guys are hung up with the idea of using a simple concealer. We’ve already gone over the benefits of BB creams, cushion compacts, foundations etc. But in 2018, we predict guys will become much more accepting of the fact that they can feel better about themselves through hiding their blemishes, creating more of an even-toned complexion, or making their skin look brighter. The best part is that it’s called concealer for a reason. No one will even question if you’re wearing anything at all.

4 Anti-pollution will be all the rage

(REN’s anti-pollution spray. Photo by David Yi/Very Good Light)

Even if you don’t live in a major metropolitan area, pollution is becoming a huge thing. Thanks to global warming and more C02 emissions, our planet is becoming a less safe place for our bodies. That includes our very pores, which are exposed to the elements. This is why there are now exclusive anti-pollution brands popping up like South Korea’s VProve, which recently launched. The brand’s creams, serums and essences create a barrier so that external elements can’t get in. Stateside, brands like REN are championing change as well. We wrote a review about its Flash Defence Anti-Pollution Mist here, something everything needs to think about living on our ever-polluted planet.

5 Colored hair don’t care

From Jaden Smith, Frank Ocean, Zayn, to every other Kpop star, awesomely colored hair made a splash in 2017. Though nothing new, we expect more guys to experiment with brightly colored locks, from deep blues, greens, to pastel pinks and purples. Brace yourselves for a peroxide-filled 2018.

6 Niacinamide is an ingredient you’ll see EVERYWHERE

(Glossier’s The Supers is one serum that contains the wonder ingredient. Photo by Bukunmi Grace/Very Good Light)

It’s a long five-syllable word for Vitamin B3, but one that you’ll be seeing in every other skincare product like from The Ordinary. That’s because niacinamide is a miracle ingredient, one that multitasks like no other. The ingredient restores your skin’s moisture by creating natural lipids, called ceramides, to retain water. That means it’ll not only prevent wrinkles but restore dull skin. It’s also great for preventing acne, with its anti-inflammatory properties as well as treating hyperpigmentation from acne scars or sun damage. Basically, if you’re ever going to use ANYTHING, try this ingredient.

7 Nail art

We’ve covered hair, makeup, body. But what about nails? In 2018, we’re thinking more and more guys will start painting their nails in cool, swaggy ways. Just like the nail art that’s bubbling in Seoul, South Korea (above, the tattoo nail trend) guys will start painting their nails with logos, memes, and cool yep, nail art.

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