We didn’t need Google Trends to tell us how obsessed we are with our hair.

We love hair here at Very Good Light just as much as you do. We know this because some of our biggest topics here so far have been about taming that mane. These include posts about parting your hair all wrong, a dude who hasn’t washed his hair in 5 years and how to properly put in pomade. No surprise then, that pomade topped the list of most searched men’s grooming terms in 2016. Other terms that topped the list? Fade hairstyle, hair balm and men’s haircare. Others that were trending topics throughout the year: dreadlocks (April) and hi-top fade (July). Here’s the entire men’s grooming list is below:

  1. Pomade
  2. Beard oil
  3. Face brush
  4. Beard balm
  5. Fade hairstyle
  6. Hair balm
  7. Men’s anti-aging
  8. Men’s haircare

That being said, in 2017, look out for much, much more content on hair, hair styles, product reviews, hair color stories, how-to guides and much, much more! It’s not just one type of hair we’re talking about, either. Have something you’re dying for us to cover? Email me personally at david@verygoodlight.com, or leave suggestions in the comment section. Expect inclusive stories for all hair types no matter if you have thick, coarse hair (like me!), curly, or kinky. We at Very Good Light will be covering it all! Here’s to a Happy (and hairy!) New Year!

To send you off to the weekend, here are some hairy azz gifs for your viewing pleasure:

When you try every single hairstyle out there but bae still don’t like you.

When you spend 2 hours to get the “just out of bed look.”

When you’re pretending you’re Jesus but have to make sure your wig is still clipped in.

When you realize your hair is as close to God as it’ll get.

When you finally got The Weeknd’s hair but the look is now dead

When you’re going in on someone you hate but then a cute sneeze attacks you.

That moment you realize you’ve been talking to the back of her head All. This. Time.