As we look forward to a “vaxxed girl summer,” picking a new do’ for a new you is a must.

Not everyone loves change, but a switch-up can be a good thing when you’ve been stuck in the house without a cut for a while. Most of these trends are popular because they’re convenient and low maintenance.

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Color Wow Style Director and celebrity hairstylist Alexander Armand weighed in on the trends we’ll be seeing more of this spring.

“Incoming style trends for spring include effortless looks that don’t take a lot of time but still achieve a polished aesthetic.” Some of these styles might take you by surprise. Very Good Light presents to you spring hairstyle trends of 2021.

Buzz cuts

Your beloved boy band favorites that went solo definitely had a buzz cut phase: think Justin Timberlake or Zayn Malik. Go for an edgy vibe and bleach your hair blonde, or if you’re feeling really bold, you could add in some color or a fun design dyed onto it – pink is my personal favorite.

“Pastels, warm, and vibrant colors are quite popular as well as hair that is expressive…People are realizing that hair is art and I love it,” says Alexander. “Haircuts can be tricky if you are uncertain about what you want. The best rule of thumb when getting a cut especially if it is a total transition from long to short hair is to ensure the cut will enhance your best attributes and the stylist can frame the cut to your face.”

Two strand twists

Two strand twists have been around for some time, but this year they are surfacing with more people opting out of a cut and choosing to grow out their hair. Who remembers their mom doing this hairstyle on them? You’ll need a rattail comb, hair oil of your choice, and someone to part your hair for you if you’re doing them yourself. If you’re getting them done, just ask your stylist for twists.

Lo fro

Natural hairlines are being embraced this spring and into the summer. Again, the trend of opting out for a lineup is getting more mainstream. We’re all about easy, stress-free styles this spring. For this look, you would just ask for a simple shape up. Celebrity hairstylist and Texture Style award founder Monae Everett is an expert when it comes to afro-textured hair. She says, “the next step is to use a pick or wide tooth comb to remove definition to achieve an undefined afro style.”


Remember the pompadour? It’s back in with a modern twist. To achieve this look, ask for a tapered fade around the back and sides, and a traditional cut at the top. This style is easy to maintain with products like gel or pomade and a quick blow-dry. The style looks effortless yet put together.

BTS-inspired curtain bangs

We love a good boy band trend. BTS has taken the world by storm with their great music, but their hair is also as legedary. When you get this cut, ask your stylists for a taper fade or undercut, and depending on what length you want, you can ask for a low or high fade. To maintain this style, you’ll want to apply mousse through your hair and comb through it. Then just part your hair in the middle and keep your bangs towards the front of your face.

Man buns

Listen, guys: I know, I know, we remember 2014 like it was yesterday, but trends recycle and resurface. The man bun + beard combo is back in a big way. There are a few ways you can wear a man bun: you can keep all your tresses long and uncut and just tie it up after brushing and applying product, or you can get an undercut and keep the top long.

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