Friday Night Light is a series that commemorates creative folx and their gentle touchdown into the weekend. This week, we spoke with musician/angel Lily Kershaw.

Lily Kershaw (singer/songwriter)


What does your week usually look like?
My weeks vary. When I am not touring or recording, I am writing!

It’s 6:00 p.m. What’s the first thing you do?

6 p.m. on tour, I am getting ready for a show. Prepping my face with a serum and facial massager and my vocal cords with vocal warm-ups. Drinking tea. Applying make-up. Maybe a light pre-show dinner. 6 p.m. in the studio, I am most likely still recording. 6 pm when I am home and have been writing, however, that’s when the self-care magic happens! The first thing I do is draw a bath, always adding magnesium bath flakes.

In my heart of heart, I am a homebody, but I can be persuaded to go out for a friend’s birthday dinner or to the movies. Mostly on a Friday night I am home, though. You can usually find me watching Succession or, more recently, The Gilded Age or reading! I am currently reading two books, The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo by Taylor Jenkins Reid and Orwell’s Roses by the brilliant Rebecca Solnit.

On a Friday evening, post-bath and pre-tv show, I will cleanse my skin with a light cleansing oil. Recently I have been using Eminence Organics Stone Crop Cleansing Oil. If I want to be extra indulgent, I will follow this with a face mask. Right now, I am loving Joanna Vargas’s Twilight Sheet Mask. Once I remove the mask, I will pat the excess product into my skin, and once it has sunk in, I will apply a hyaluronic serum. My favorite is Barbara Sturm’s, but on the far more cost-effective side, I also recommend the Hyaluronic Serum by The Ordinary. Recently I have been following up my hyaluronic with True Botanicals Renew Oil and using a gua sha to really work the product in. I will seal it all in with the True Botanicals Moisture Lock Overnight Mask.

Okay, so I have taken a hot bath with magnesium bath flakes while drinking a big glass of water. I follow this with my skincare routine. Next, I am getting cozy on my couch on my Charmed Infrared Mat and turning on the latest episode of The Gilded Age. Sometimes I’ll make some chamomile tea with a splash of milk and a spoonful of honey. Once the show is over, I turn on my oil diffuser with eucalyptus and some rain sounds that help me sleep. Then I climb into bed and read for a bit before passing out.

What are you looking forward to on Saturday?
Sleeping in, a slow morning, and COFFEE!


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