Dara Levy (she/her)

Founder of DERMAFLASH, entrepreneur, wife, mother, traveler, and skincare junkie!


There really is no “typical” in my week. My schedule is constantly changing. As the founder of a growing company, I wear many hats, and I’m never sure which one I will need to don on any given day. Fortunately, I have an amazing CEO who takes the lead steering the ship and helps guide my day-to-day. A typical week in my life consists of lots of meeting with my various teams. Currently, I am deep in the weeds on all product evolution and design. As I get older, I am trying to achieve a healthy work/life balance and am consciously trying to work in time for self-care.

My husband and I are back to traveling again after Covid. We just got back from a wedding in South Africa and ten days in Italy, where I ate until I could not breathe!! When we travel, it’s “go go go,” so when I’m home, I love to chill.

We had an exciting summer at DERMAFLASH. In June, we launched our all-new LUXE+ sonic dermaplaning device, which included an upgrade to our Edge and an enhancement of our sonic speed. I seriously thought my little magic wand could not get any better, but it totally has.

If you’re not familiar with dermaplaning, let me tell you a little about it! When you have a dermaplaning treatment at a Med Spa, a licensed esthetician uses a surgical scalpel to remove the oldest layer of dead skin cells and peach fuzz from your face. I fell in love with this treatment years ago and actually owned a Med Spa in Chicago where dermaplaning was our signature service.

I sold my spa and created DERMAFLASH, a sonically powered magic wand that delivers the same results as in-office dermaplaning in the comfort and safety of home. We have come full circle because our results are so amazing that estheticians all over the country are actually dropping their scalpels and using DERMAFLASH in-spa as the exfoliating step in their facial treatments. I’m laser-focused. Once I have an idea and set my sights on something, I won’t stop until I’ve achieved it. And that’s how DERMAFLASH was born.

As a brand, we’re never happy to rest on our laurels, and we are always innovating. We have some exciting new launches planned for fall. My week always involves lots of product testing, Zoom meetings and giving feedback, and working until we get things just right. I love being hands-on and developing amazing devices and products to keep your skin glowing. Hearing how happy our customers are with their results makes it all worth it.

I try to shut down by 6 p.m. on Fridays. I love my wine, so normally, by 6, I will have a gorgeous glass of cabernet in my hand, and hopefully, I am taking a walk on our nearby beach… yes, there are beaches in Chicago!! Typically, after I’ve finished work for the day, my husband and I will have dinner together at home or go out to one of our favorite restaurants. We are truly homebodies and relish the quiet of the weekend

I love reading and have been loving Isabel Allende books lately. I also recently read The Little Paris Bookshop, and it was beyond amazing.

I love giving myself an at-home facial with my LUXE+ and DERMAPORE devices! My secret is to FLASH and use DERMAPORE in front of a magnifying mirror. You can really see the peach fuzz and dead skin falling off, and DERMAPORE gives you that “gross-out” satisfaction…you won’t believe what comes off and out of your skin! I always try to follow up with a sheet mask and infuse all the goodies into my skin with DERMAPORE. I love the lit-from-within glow I get after using my devices. I typically slather on delicious skincare and let it do its magic overnight. You really set a gorgeous stage for the rest of the weekend.

I love finding a show to binge-watch over the weekend. I’m kind of a geek and love to watch foreign shows with subtitles. I’m currently watching Pachinko, it’s from South Korea, and I can’t wait for the next episode.

Self-care is a pillar of DERMAFLASH, and I truly feel it is essential to success. Your family, your business, and YOU can’t thrive if you don’t dedicate time to yourself. The older I get, the more I realize my essential need to nurture myself. I try to walk every day in nature, and I have recently reintroduced acupuncture into my schedule, and it is truly life-changing.

I think, as women, we are conditioned to think of ourselves last but to be our best, we need to take the time and space for ourselves to rejuvenate and recharge.

I’m a skincare junkie, and I swap out products constantly. I never go to bed without washing my face. I use a gentle toner, and then depending on my mood and how my skin is feeling, I use at least one serum (sometimes three), eye cream, neck cream, and moisturizer. My recent brand obsessions are Alastin, Tula, and Dr. Dennis Gross. I love the Tula cleanser, the retinol eye serum from Dennis Gross is life-changing, and everything Alastin makes is special. Their tinted sunblock is manna from heaven. Of course, it goes without saying, to keep my skin in the best shape, I use my little magic wands!

I always get in bed early. I love my bed. It’s my happy place! I like to watch TV or read and just unwind. I think practicing gratitude is the easiest way to make your life better. Before bed, I silently thank the universe for the health, happiness, and success of my family and myself. Looking at the day through that lens of positivity helps me appreciate what I’ve achieved… and I look forward to the achievements yet to come.

I usually have my kids over on the weekend, and we order sushi or pizza and just hang out. I’m great at doing nothing!


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