One of the many ways to uplift AAPI is to support their businesses. That can be by liking and sharing their posts, telling your friends, or shopping with them. This AAPI Heritage Month, we’re letting you in on all the products we use and treasure from AAPI-founded and owned brands. This week, we’re gushing over Naturium, founded by Korean/Mexican-American Susan Yara.

I’m a little sensitive. Both in emotional nature (this is the beginning of my campaign titled, “not all Leos are cold-hearted meanies”) and when it comes to my skin. I’m fair-skinned, very sensitive to the sun, and I don’t always do well with exfoliants as they can aggravate my acne. I was also hit in the face (and subsequently burned) with an explosive egg during my toddler years.

This created a need for what they call “pigskin treatments,” which are exactly what they sound like and definitely not vegan. Basically, I put actual pigskin on my burn for about a year to trick my skin into healing faster, like a skin graft. Don’t anyone dare start a rumor that I’m part pig.

In addition to the pigskin treatments, I was slathered DAILY with an excessive amount of Eucerin. This whole burn scenario is what caused my parents to take care of my skin with immense caution. So, don’t attempt to hard boil an egg in the microwave but do take note of my love for Eucerin face lotion.

When I heard Naturium was launching a sensitive line, I just knew it would be different from all others. Most are rather plain if we’re being honest, mainly touting “fragrance-free” and lacking impressive skin-beneficial ingredients. I had just finished my big bottle of The Soother Sensitive Skin Body Wash from Naturium, and I was ready for more.

The skincare line comprises three products. The Multi-Calm Cream Cleanser, the Skin Soothing Recovery Lotion, and the Marshmallow Root Barrier Balm. I’m a firm believer that everyone needs a couple of soothing or “neutral” products within their skincare arsenal. You never know when you might need them. If not for daily use, you’ll want to reach for them when you’re recovering from a chemical peel, mild sunburn, or even after an allergic reaction.

Simply put, Naturium’s new line are thee products to have on deck for these times and then some.

Multi-Calm Cream Cleanser, $16
Let’s start with this absolute staple and GEM of a cleanser. It’s texture is so fluid, you’ll die. Die of amazement that is. I can best describe it as a watered-down version of Eucerin face lotion or that cult-followed fluid SPF from La Roche Posay. Like a hug for your face, seriously.

This cleanser doesn’t foam and is incredibly hydrating. I can’t remember a time when my skin felt softer. Hero ingredients include marshmallow root, arnica, calendula, niacinamide, oat, and plant-derived squalane.

Your skin barrier will be happy, and so will your wallet at $16 a bottle. If you buy anything from the collection let it be this product.

Skin Soothing Recovery Lotion, $18
This is your essential (but showstopping) daytime moisturizer. It’s super lightweight and cures all of your little eczema patches and redness. The thing I love about this product is it sits perfectly under SPF.

I often feel my skin gets really tight after I apply a moisturizer, then SPF, then makeup. I want to touch/bother my face as little as possible when doing my routine in the morning to reduce redness. Some days multiple products just don’t mesh, but this product has layered really, really well.

Marshmallow Root Barrier Balm, $25
This… is not balm. I thought it would be and that it would replace my CeraVe Healing Ointment, but it is just a moisturizer. Not a bad one. It just didn’t end up being what I expected! It’s not overly heavy and has a pretty viscous, gel texture. But it is definitely thicker when compared to the recovery lotion.

I actually used this exclusively after getting a chemical peel. I soothed my skin as it was peeling and feeling itchy from the peel. It made everything sting less and took down all the redness. This has both centella and colloidal oatmeal in the formula to hydrate and soothe. It still doesn’t rival my forever loved Aqua Bomb moisturizer from Belif, but it’s not leaving my vanity anytime soon as my face is still recovering from the peel.

Some say they have slugged with it? Which confuses me because it is nothing like the CeraVe ointment I use for that purpose. It’s of normal moisturizer consistency.

Buy one, buy two, or all three! In fact, the bundle is on sale right now for $53. I’ll be patiently waiting for a toner to be introduced in this line. Naturium, your move.


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