What do the liquor store and Sephora have in common? Self-care and Casey Georgeson.

If you’ve recently browsed the shelves of your local liquor store, you’ve probably come across a little brand called Cupcake Vineyards. Before Saint Jane founder Casey Georgeson started her beauty brand, she worked in the wine industry helping to launch brands like Cupcake Vineyards. Although liquor and beauty might not seem like they have much in common, the experience of working in a crowded retail marketplace helped prepare Casey for her future in beauty as the founder of luxury CBD skincare line, Saint Jane.

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When Casey was growing up, she would have never imagined she would have ended up in the beauty industry. She was “endlessly creative,” spending most of her time drawing, painting, and creating. “I think I was a bit of a dreamer, and being artistic allowed me to get lost in the design,” she says.

Casey distinctly remembers wanting to grow up to become a fashion designer, actress, or doctor. “Healing people felt like a superpower,” she says. With her CBD brand, Saint Jane, she can be all three. Her job today is to “help people’s skin, design beautiful products, and be a founder.”

How it started

Casey has always been at the forefront of what’s next in the industry. “My friends called me ‘Ask Allure,’” she says, a nickname she earned because she always had a solution for any beauty ailment.

“From an early age, beauty products were intoxicating to me,” Casey says. While studying to get her MBA at the Stanford Business School, she took an unpaid internship at Kendo, an incubator of brands such as Fenty Beauty, Ole Henrikson, and Marc Jacobs Beauty (although free beauty products were a pretty cool perk of the job).

After graduating with her MBA, she began her career at Kendo as head of marketing and creative. “My time at Kendo was like a Ph.D. in beauty,” she says. Casey notes the discovery of new ingredients with transformative benefits as one of her favorite aspects of the job.

So what do you learn after launching some of the beauty industry’s most iconic brands? “Be unapologetically authentic,” she says.

Casey says the most successful brands don’t stray far from the founder’s personal beliefs and values. She recalls her time working with Marc Jacobs on his beauty line for Sephora. “I was deeply inspired by his creative process,” she says, noting that he was extremely collaborative, but knew exactly what his brand stood for both visually and emotionally.

“I’ve spent my career building brands in both the wine and beauty worlds,” Casey says. “I love storytelling and connecting with people on an emotional level.”

After years of building soulful brands that are emotionally driven, Casey carried these experiences into her own brand vision: Saint Jane.

CBD beauty & Saint Jane

Enter the world of Saint Jane beauty: the first luxury CBD skincare brand designed to transform the skin through the healing properties of CBD and elevate your beauty routine to new heights (and highs).

“The idea of Saint Jane was the clearest brand idea I’ve ever had,” she recalls. In 2017, Casey noticed a rising trend in CBD and was interested in learning more about the powerful benefits it held for the skin.

While researching what was available on the market, she noticed that “very few brands were blending CBD with true luxury skincare ingredients.” She was inspired by her experiences in the wine industry and harvesting nutrients from nature. “It felt very instinctual to me that a higher concentration would be the most efficacious for the skin.”

The line’s hero product, Luxury Beauty Serum ($125), is packed with 500 mg of CBD. “My background in beauty taught me the value of results,” Casey says. “If your product performs, you’re going to have people come back to you again and again.”

Casey is always on the pulse of what is next in beauty, and she is betting on hybrid skincare/makeup products.

“I believe marrying color and skincare to enhance and nourish the unique qualities of skin has enormous potential,” she says. Saint Jane offers a CBD-rich Calming Luxury Lip Shine ($28) in a range of four different colors, giving you color, shine, and the healing benefits of CBD. “We formulated our gloss like a nourishing lip oil with skincare-quality ingredients,” she says. “You have the best of both worlds!”

Beyond being a brand founder, Casey is a mother of three girls, who she says has been with her every step of the journey launching Saint Jane. “I try to involve them in the business when I can,” Casey says. “It makes me feel like I’m giving them teaching moments.” The family has helped pack boxes and even name products.

Saint Jane is a testament to the founder’s belief that successful brands come from good intentions. “Saint Jane is representative of who I am and my values,” Casey says.

She tells us the brand is named after an actual person who lived in the 1500s and was anointed into sainthood for healing women. “Saint Jane’s compassion for others is an important example for my girls and intrinsic for the brand.”

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