It should come as no surprise that bleached eyebrows are making a resurgence, as we continue to go a little stir crazy approaching a year of lockdown.

You might even go as far as saying bleached brows are the new statement lip. We’ve analyzed this new trend according to trending search data from Spate, a machine intelligence platform that uses artificial intelligence to find hidden patterns in consumer behavior, and found that the trend has blown up online as of late, with searches up 65.6 percent year-over-year.

Bleached brows are nothing new, and have been around for decades in the editorial world. However, it wasn’t until recently that this beauty trend has gone mainstream. We spoke with celebrity groomer and stylist, Melissa DeZarate, on everything bleached brows.

“I think that there’s no such thing as something that has to stay in the editorial world, anything and everything can be completely inspired to work with your everyday life,” says Melissa. Personally, I certainly don’t see anything wrong with making your daily walk around the park look like the latest Milan fashion week.

Before you get carried away with this new trend and fry off your beautiful brows, we’ve spoken with the experts on how to get perfect platinum brows safely, and without the dangerous side effects common to bleaching. From prep to aftercare, we’ve got you covered with everything you need to know before you bleach your eyebrows.

How to prep for bleached brows

Although the idea of bleached brows sounds like a fun way to experiment, before committing to the full-blown bleached brow look, try it out to see if it’s right for you. Use a white cream shadow to color your brows and see how you’ll look.

If you’ve decided that you’re ready to go all-in, make sure to trim and tweeze your brows at least 48-72 hours before bleaching. “When you’re plucking your eyebrows, you can definitely open up the pores and your skin will be a little bit more sensitive,” says Mellisa. To avoid unwanted irritation, groom your brows ahead of time.

How to bleach your brows

Before you run to your nearest beauty supply store, it is extremely important to pick out the right bleach. Since the bleach is going directly on your face close to your eyes and will be interacting with your delicate skin, finding a professional-grade bleach will save you from excess irritation and leave you with the best results.

Melissa recommends the Manic Panic Blue Lightning Kit ($14). “The Manic Panic Bleach Kit is perfect for this because it’s just barely a step below professional-grade, and it’s strong – not like what you’re going to get in a drugstore,” says Melissa.

Before mixing up your bleach and applying directly to your brows, use a barrier cream to avoid getting bleach elsewhere on your skin, which could lead to unnecessary irritation. For this, Melissa recommends Aquaphor.

“I recommend applying it with a Q-tip. Go around your eyebrow, anywhere that you’re not going to want to bleach on,” says Melissa. The skin above your eyelid is very delicate, and it is important to use a barrier cream to avoid drying and sensitivity.

How to fix bleached eyebrows gone wrong

Just like when you bleach your hair, your brows might go brassy immediately after bleaching. Having a color-correcting toner in the form of a purple or blue shampoo will work magic to help your freshly bleached brows look perfectly platinum.

After washing the bleach off your brows, Melissa recommends applying purple conditioner onto your eyebrows if they turned yellow. If you’re experiencing more orange tones after bleaching, a blue conditioner will work best. The Kevin Murphy Angel Wash ($33) collection features a purple and a blue treatment conditioner to help tone any unwanted brassiness while providing much-needed moisture.

How to soothe bleach burn

Since bleach is extremely strong, you should not be surprised if your skin is sensitive, red, itchy, and irritated. this is called a bleach burn. Using a barrier cream will help avoid this, but if you end up with fried skin, a few all-natural skincare products will help alleviate the irritation.

Melissa recommends the Herbivore Emerald Oil ($48) formulated with CBD. “The main thing about having CBD in your skincare products is that they’re actually specific for soothing and healing purposes.” If you got a bleach burn that turned into pimples, Melissa recommends the Herbivore Lapis Oil ($72): “This [oil] is calming and also clarifying, so it’s going to help you not break out.”


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