Long gone are the days of waking up an hour early to prep my hair for school since going virtual.

Nowadays when it comes to styling my hair for Zoom meetings, it’s either all-in or nothing. When I do decide to step up my hair game, the underwhelming selection of men’s hair products on the shelf today are either generic and boring or wildly overpriced. I recently discovered Vibe, a new men’s haircare brand made by Gen Z for Gen Z, and immediately fell in love with the easy-to-use and incredibly smelling products that also managed to cut my grooming time in half.

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Vibe Body Care was founded by budding entrepreneur Timothy Morris at just 16-years-old in the garage of his California home. Timothy’s father is a chemical engineer, and the two started experimenting with creating hair pomades. They landed on a formula they both loved, and Timothy eventually ended up selling it to over 50 classmates in his high school. That’s when he knew he was onto something.

Vibe Body Care started with the intention to provide Gen-Z consumers with products that are high-performance and smell expensive and at an affordable price point. As an avid hair product user himself, Timothy had tried many men’s hair products on the market and found that they all lacked something. Upon the initial launch of the pomade and body wash, Vibe sold out in a matter of two weeks, proving to Timothy that his brand had the potential to stand up to the big names in the industry.

“There are all these different brands focusing on one thing, and I wanted to get everything under one roof,” says Timothy.

He also noticed that men’s hair products, in general, didn’t smell as good as women’s. “The number one compliment that we get is that our product smells so good,” says Timothy.

Vibe Body Care has recently launched two new products, including Spray Clay ($20) and Moisturizing Shampoo ($23). Very Good Light had the chance to test and review the new range.

The Moisturizing Shampoo ($23) is vegan and formulated with few ingredients, only giving you the good stuff. Beyond looking stunning in the shower with its vibrant blue formula, the shampoo claims to be moisturizing and anti-itch.

As someone with a sensitive scalp, I am always a bit hesitant when I see a product advertised as anti-itch, as it almost always makes the symptoms worse. I was happy to find out that this shampoo did not aggravate my scalp or cause any unwanted irritation.

The scent of this shampoo is quite literally a game-changer. Timothy avoided the traditional masculine scents common across nearly all men’s grooming products and crafted a unique fragrance with sweet candy notes instead. It smells uplifting and seductive, almost creating a sweet candy shop experience while in the shower.

Scent and presentation aside, this product performs wonderfully on my thick and unruly hair. I have extremely coarse hair, and shampoos can often fall short in the lather department, but this shampoo instantly lathers into a thick creamy emulsion. It cleans my hair and scalp without that uncomfortable squeaky feeling. This shampoo is gentle enough for daily use, but also extremely moisturizing.

The second newest launch from Vibe Body Care is the Spray Clay ($20). “Essentially, our Spray Clay is like a leave-in conditioner, just with a hold factor,” says Timothy.

I couldn’t agree more. Unlike my typical jars of pomade and gel that often leave my hair with gunky buildup, the spray clay provides even distribution. Having the product in a spray bottle allows for buildable hold without overdoing it, giving you the perfect amount of product every time.

Since I have thick, wavy hair, styling products are crucial to maintaining a sleek polished look. Applying the spray clay to damp hair allowed me to work the product into my hair from root to tip easily, and it didn’t leave my hair crunchy like some clay products. Applied to dry hair, the spray clay will give you a hold that you can still run your fingers through while taming frizziness and adding shine.

The major bonus of this product is the cologne scent – it seriously smells like a high-quality designer fragrance. Unlike most generic men’s products, this spray clay has an elevated scent that is not overpowering.


–Vibe Body Care was founded by Timothy Morris when he was just 16-years-old

–The Moisturizing Shampoo ($23) is anti-itch and great for sensitive scalps

–Spray Clay($20) is an innovative styling product that feels like a leave-in conditioner while giving you medium hold


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