Cocokind is on a roll with its recent product launches.

Last year, the Revitalizing Eye Cream ($18) wowed us with it’s gua sha-like abilities to reduce fine lines, the Matcha Moisturizer ($18) rescued crusty dry faces, and Scrubbing Clay ($16) pampered the rest of the body below the face.

2021 is shaping up to be no different. Today, they added to their body line with the launch of Sake Body Lotion ($16), which is loaded with prebiotics and free of fragrance. Since trying this product, I’ve given my other body lotions to friends because this one is the crown jewel. Basically, I’m ready to defend this lotion’s honor in the aisles of Target and scoop up every last bottle I can get. If you’re curious about what makes this body lotion so special, let’s get into the brand and review.

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The brand

Part of Cocokind’s brand mission is to bring affordability and accessibility to clean beauty. So many of their products have become staples in my routine since I first tried this brand a year ago. Even my boyfriend raves about their Oil to Milk Cleanser ($18), which is a feat considering he used to never even wash his face. I hope Cocokind knows what they’ve accomplished here.

Whether you’re a clean beauty newbie or a well-seasoned skincare veteran, Cocokind is a brand that everyone can appreciate. They’re dedicated to educating consumers on the importance of sustainability in the beauty space and the relationship between your gut and the skin’s microbiome. They educate consumers on popular skincare ingredients like fermented oat, turmeric, celery, and chia oil on their blog and Instagram. Efficacious, sustainable, accessible; that’s Cocokind in a nutshell.


The main ingredient in the Sake Body Lotion is, of course, sake! The fermented rice wine is full of exfoliating enzymes and prebiotic sugars eager to make your skin’s microbiome happy and healthy.

We spoke to Dr. Caren Campbell, a San Francisco-based board-certified dermatologist, to help explain the benefits of prebiotic lotions on the skin.

“Prebiotics help you grow your own innate bacteria like fertilizer helps plants to grow on their own,” says Dr. Campbell.

Consumers might be familiar with prebiotics in supplement form, but we’re also seeing them crop up in skincare products. People with eczema, rosacea, or even acne can have a weakened skin barrier due to chronic inflammation. A lotion with prebiotics can aid in building healthy bacteria so that the skin can thrive.

“If [prebiotic moisturizers] can help restore or encourage a healthier microbiome, it can help restore the skin’s ideal skin barrier resulting in less skin irritation and inflammation,” says Dr. Campbell.

Cocokind’s Sake Body Lotion is ideal for building your skin barrier back up and keeping it protected from things like environmental stressors or even irritation from certain types of clothing. It’s fragrance-free, making it even more ideal for sensitive skin types. The sake gently exfoliates and supports the microbiome while shea butter brings the moisture and improves skin elasticity. Sunflower oil is also present, which is high in linoleic acid and vitamin E to protect the skin barrier.

The review

As someone with eczema, I really can’t afford to skimp on moisturizing my body. Finding a lotion that isn’t too heavy, soaks into the skin quickly, but is also nourishing enough can be challenging. I don’t need the thickest of thicc moisturizers, but I should be making a conscious effort to build my skin barrier back up since it’s compromised.

This lotion surprised the heck out of me. I imagined it to be like the body lotions I despise, which is to say thick and hard to spread. But the Sake Body Lotion feels like a face moisturizer! It’s not the thickest body lotion, but when you rub it in it almost turns into a gel-like consistency. It’s easy to spread and seemingly “light,” but it’s obvious that it’s giving your skin exactly what it needs.

I can totally see a difference in my skin after using this for only a week. My eczema is calmed, I have very little redness, and any dry patches are gone. The sake really brings the gentle exfoliation. My skin has truly never been softer. The best part? I didn’t have to scrub it to death to get to this point.

I’ve used about half the bottle after two weeks of having it. Maybe I’m going overboard because it works so well on my skin, but on the plus side, it is affordable. The Sake Body Lotion comes in a 12-ounce pump bottle (made from 100% ocean waste plastic BTW!) and retails for just $16.


– Cocokind launched a new addition to their body line, a prebiotic Sake Body Lotion

– Made with sake, shea butter, and sunflower oil

– This lotion supports your skin’s microbiome and gently exfoliates over time

– The bottle is made of 100% ocean waste recycled plastic and is 100% recyclable


If you have a skin condition that weakens your skin barrier, you need this lotion. If you don’t, you still need this lotion. It’s fragrance-free, affordable, delivers prebiotic realness, gently exfoliates, and feels amazing on your skin. Buy HERE, $16. Or run to Target and get it before anyone else.


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