I love a skincare brand that places importance on educating their community.

We’re all here to learn, right? Because we want our best skin ever! This is something Cocokind has ALWAYS done, especially when it comes to ingredient education and hacks for getting the most use out of their products. Lately, the brand has been bringing their A-game when it comes to their Instagram content: lots and lots of tutorials on their IGTV from routines, recipes, and reviews from their followers.

They recently launched their Revitalising Eye Cream and it comes in a tube with a nifty little applicator. Not long after launch their founder, Priscilla Tsai, posted a tutorial on their IG about how to use the applicator to get the most out of the product by using it as a gua sha tool. You can check it out HERE. As I watched unwanted baggage and fine lines literally disappear, I was already obsessed. My poor eyes needed that product.

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If you haven’t heard of Cocokind, allow me to turn you onto what I think is one of the best clean beauty brands out there. It’s one of Target’s biggest clean beauty brands, so you may recognize some of the packagings. Besides being clean and effective, Cocokind has something for every skin type and places importance on whole-body health. They subscribe to the notion that we are what we eat and our skin either suffers or benefits.

Cocokind uses awesome ingredients like turmeric, celery, fermented oat (one of my faves), chia seed oil, and kale. Clean beauty brands typically come with a pretty hefty price tag, but not Cocokind. They’re crazy affordable because they believe everyone should get to use clean and healthy ingredients to achieve their best skin.

They’re one of my top five favorite skincare brands, hands down. Some of my favorites include the Oil to Milk Cleanser, the Texture Smoothing Cream (absolutely obsessed), and their Tumeric Tonic. Read on to get the full deets on their new eye cream.

My skin type

My life is pretty much consumed with screens, as we all are. With WFH in place, all of my in-person meetings are non-existent and I am quite literally on my laptop day in and day out. Plus, when it’s time to wind down at night, watching Netflix and Tik Tok just adds to my hours and hours of staring at a screen.

So now more than ever, I look for an eye cream that gives me a lot of hydration, depuffs, and brightens. Even though I’m always getting good nights of sleep, the screens are killing me and make my eyes look so sunken and tired. I’ve also been skipping lighter eye creams for my daytime routine and using something thicker because my eyes need all the love they can get right now.


The three main ingredients are Persian silk tree, hibiscus flower acids, and oat extract. The Persian silk tree helps fade any dark circles you may have and aid in reducing puffiness around the eye area. It aims to give a “lifted” look while targeting fine lines as well. I feel I normally see this ingredient in products that aim to reduce inflammation – even some acne-fighting products contain it.

Hibiscus flower acids are something I’m less familiar with. It is rich in vitamins C and E and serves as a natural but very gentle AHA. I trust Cocokind with my life, but this weirded me out at first, to be honest. AHA near the eye? Sounds like a recipe for disaster. But after some research, it is an extremely gentle form of AHA that exfoliates, stimulates cell turnover, and promotes elasticity.

Lastly, this eye cream contains oat extract. This hero ingredient locks in hydration and reduces any redness and irritation from dryness. Plus, it supports your skin barrier functions.

Alongside the main ingredients we have marula oil, shea butter, and radish root, to name a few. As always, Cocokind’s products are cruelty-free, certified organic, and vegan.

The review

After watching Priscilla’s tutorial (again, it can be found HERE), I was really excited to try this out. I had no idea you could seriously use it to your advantage while doing your routine. Priscilla uses the applicator to massage around her eye and really work the product into her skin. It’s truly like a little gua sha session!

I don’t always have time for the whole massage, but when I do, the results are incredible. My eyes looked lifted and SNATCHED. Also, very healthy and hydrated. The eye cream is a little thicker than I expected. The texture photos of it online look like it would be a bit more fluid. Some eye creams run the risk of being a bit too nourishing for the delicate area and sometimes cause clogged pores, or worse, milia. I think this one is a happy medium and gets the job done.

I’ve used this eye cream for about a month now and I’ve seen a really big difference in my undereye area. My dark circles both from allergies and too much screen time have faded away A LOT. When it comes to makeup application, my concealer hasn’t been creasing in those tiny tiny lines under my eyes since they’re like literally…gone.

As it gets colder out, my eyes become a little irritated with dryness. This formula is crazy hydrating, and if you keep it in the fridge, it is SO nice when applied cold. Lastly, $18?!? That is a crazy good price for an eye cream. Eye creams tend to have lots of actives and anti-aging claims, which can make them pricy but Cocokind never disappoints when it comes to affordability.

The only downside with an eye cream that has an applicator is it can harbor bacteria. Make sure your skin is always cleansed before applying the applicator tip directly to your face and be sure to clean the applicator after each time you use it. Trust me, you’ll want to take advantage of that applicator and try out Priscilla’s massage technique.


– One of our favorite clean beauty brands, Cocokind, launched an eye cream

Revitalising Eye Cream retails for $18

– Features Persian silk tree, oat extract, and hibiscus flower acids

– Has a great applicator on it that you can use to give yourself a gua sha eye massage

– Great for hydration, a lifted look, and banishing dark circles and puffiness


Definitely a BUY. $18 is crazy affordable for an eye cream that delivers SO many benefits. Adding the eye massage into your routine will take it to the next level. Buy HERE, $18.

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