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Cocokind’s new Sake Body Lotion brings microbiome skincare to the rest of your body

by Olivia Cefalu in Body

Cocokind is on a roll with its recent product launches. Last year, the Revitalizing Eye Cream ($18) [https://www.cocokind.com/collections/moisturizers-spf/products/revitalizing-eye-cream] wowed us with it’s gua sha-like abilities to reduce fine lines, the Matcha Moisturizer ($18) [https://www.cocokind.com/collections/moisturizers-spf/products/matcha-face] rescued...

20 gifts to help anyone on your list chill the F out

by Emily Sharp in Body

To use an older 2010’s adage: 2020 had no chill. From murder hornets and the U.S. election to wildfires and racial unrest (and who can forget the star of the show, COVID-19), there were very few moments of serenity this past year. As we enter into the holiday...

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