Facial oils? No, my oily AF skin will sadly take a pass.

My face could never handle a true facial oil. Instead, I get my moisture and nourishment from cocktailing serums together and trying moisturizers that sit on the richer side whenever I can. Oddly enough, my oily skin has learned to balance from that combo. I’m no stranger to dehydrated skin that leads to greasy puddles on my face, so I learned quickly how to tame my skin.

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I’ve tried a few ‘”lightweight” oils that weren’t horrible, but they never claimed a spot in my skincare routine. We don’t have time for unpredictability. I caught wind of a new product launch from Versed, the Sunday Morning Antioxidant Oil-Serum, and it immediately caught my attention. Versed has had some crazy good launches this year, which made my life a little sweeter every time I got to take a fun visit to Target to scoop them all up. I trust this brand, and I knew this serum wouldn’t fail me.

Many were even boasting about how the serum was perfect for individuals with oily skin. Naturally, I wanted the tea so I chatted with their Director of Product Development, Tamerri Ater. Versed has been cranking out amazing launches, so this new serum was bound to have a good story attached to it. Read on for a look into their development process and a full review.

The brand

If you haven’t seen Versed in Target, you’re blind. I won’t sugarcoat it. They’re the brand with that sleek modern pastel packaging that gives off the most convincing  “buy me, you 100 percent need me,” vibe. They’re one of the cleanest drugstore brands there is and their prices won’t freak you out. Their list of “no’s” is extensive and all products from Versed are both cruelty-free and vegan.

My intro to Versed was their Press Start Gentle Retinol Serum and The Shortcut Overnight Facial, two products that bring RESULTS without demolishing my bank account. From there I discovered they actually had a ton of holy grail products. Serums, moisturizers, cleansers, even a body aerosol for bacne…it was all too good.

The dedication to sustainability is strong for this brand. 86% of the packaging they use is curbside recyclable and they love to use post-consumer-recycled plastic whenever possible. Check out their sustainability plans HERE.


The Sunday Morning Antioxidant Oil-Serum is full to the brim with antioxidants. It contains camellia oil to nourish and bring life to even the most dehydrated skin. “Jojoba oil is the closest thing to the skin’s natural sebum,” says Tamerri. “That’s how it keeps it balanced alongside neem oil which is conditioning for the skin.”

Tamerri went on to talk about the duality of the product, given it’s an oil serum, and how this allows for more powerful actives to be inside it due to its structure. Sunday Morning is able to lock in moisture without leaving anything greasy on the skin and delivers major anti-aging benefits thanks to its antioxidant properties.

Sunday Morning also contains sea buckthorn extract to help reduce redness and inflammation. Chamomile extract is in there to prevent any moisture loss alongside vitamin E and sodium hyaluronate to plump skin with hydration. To use, you shake it up to mix the two parts and use it in the morning or at night…or both.

The review

This oil serum redefines the meaning of “lightweight.” It’s the first product I’ve experienced that is truly lightweight. Light like water, if you drop it on the back of your hand, it lands in little beads just screaming to be soaked in.

“I’m not huge on moisturizers because I have oily skin. I’ll use it, but sometimes I can skip a moisturizer because I can just put a serum, and then I can put Sunday Morning serum on top to lock it in,” says Tamerri. This is totally true, I’ve actually skipped a moisturizer a few times because I haven’t felt I needed an extra layer after using Sunday Morning.

It’s truly perfect for all skin types. I usually feel like there is always someone left out but I can’t see why this wouldn’t be ideal for someone. And it’s really inclusive for oily and acne-prone skin types. I was able to use it right over a cystic breakout (sometimes I work around them) with no irritation or issue.

I feel good about using this as our exposure to environmental stressors only gets worse. Sunday Morning is something easy to use alongside your favorite SPF and shows real results. Not only did it agree with my skin type but my skin has been looking so HEALTHY. That kind of glow you get from eating greens and masking with God’s tears (I assume). My skin has been bouncy and full of life, and that’s a crazy thing to experience as we head into winter months.

I know this is an oil-serum but you would never think there is an oil component. It just doesn’t have that kind of texture or dry down. Light like water is the best way to describe it. The science of skincare – it’ll blow your mind.


– Versed came out with a new oil-serum hybrid

– Their new product is called Sunday Morning Antioxidant Oil-Serum

– It’s ideal for all skin types, including oily and acne-prone

– Feels like water and leaves skin looking healthy, bouncy, and not greasy

– Filled with antioxidants including vitamin E, camellia oil, neem oil, sea buckthorn, jojoba oil, and chamomile


Without a doubt, a BUY. I don’t care what your skin type is. If you’re oily, this is your new hero product. You can finally feel cool and add that “facial oil” into your routine. Soak up the antioxidant goodness and watch your skin become bouncy AF. Buy HERE for $19.99 or score at your local Target.


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