Winter, schminter.

If you’re like me, the colder months have calmed down some inflammation but created a whole slew of other issues. There’s an over-production of oil (thanks, dry skin!), chapped skin (sandpaper, much?!), and also flaky skin. The latter is quite a look, one I’ve been rocking while layering Le Prunier’s oil with a Laura Mercier B.B. cream. At the end of the day, my complexion is still more a crispy croissant, less dewy glazed donut. Though the French pastry is delicious, nothing is ever really appetizing about your face falling off into small, snowflake-like pieces.

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Which is why you and I probably need a better moisturizer. Better yet, an entire day of essence drenchage (yes, I just made up a word). When winter skin gets bad it seems to get really bad. That’s because, as Dr. Y. Claire Chang told us, it’s because during the cooler seasons, your skin producers lower sebum and lipid production. If you’re really wanting to know the science, it’s the natural lips of the stratum corneum, levels of ceramides, fatty acids and cholesterol. Whew! That’s a lot.

To put a long story short, you need a good, soothing, thick cream. We’ve tested many creams and here’s what we’re into at the moment:

This is the one cream that got me through brutal NYC a few weeks ago. It’s a thick, soothing cream made with saffron flowers that will last from day to night. The formulation has delicious shea butter to nourish your skin and includes three oils, including Omegas 6, 7 and 9. What does that mean? You skin will shine like soft butter melting on a freshly toasted English muffin. BUY HERE


Is gold in a moisturizer a gimmick? That’s what I wanted to find out with Rodial’s beautiful Rose Gold Moisturiser (it’s British, they have Z-phobia). The product has 24-carat gold technology and mixes it into white rose fresh cells and vitamin C, to boot. At first, I was really skeptical. For one, it’s extremely pricey. But after using this for a few days, I was struck by liquid gold. My face was firmer, felt plump as well as deliciously smooth. I’m truly a believer. BUY HERE


Proteins and peptides, you say? Sign us up. As we know, both ingredients are super powerful in supporting your skin’s barrier. More so, there’s studies that say that both of these help stimulate collagen and skin’s texture. This means that you’ll be working out your skin so that it’s definitely stronger than when before. This cream from Drunk Elephant is exactly that for your skin. The brand goes on to perfectly describe it as being “protein to your smoothie.” Not only does it help nourish your skin, it’ll protect it from the harsh winter winds and dry climates thanks to its pygmy waterlily stem cell extracts as well as soybean folic acid ferment. If your skin’s thirsty, give it this protein shake. BUY HERE

, $68

Peach & Lily’s Matcha Pudding Antioxidant Cream

Along the lines of food (because I’m obviously hungry), this cream from Peach & Lily is named after one of my favorite desserts: matcha. pudding. The cream feels like what I’d imagine pudding doused across your face would be like. Its texture is gelatin-like with a velvet smooth, soft finish. Basically, it’s totally something you’d want in your mouth immediately. This cream is filled with antioxidants including matcha along with niacinamide and other extracts. After first use you’ll be addicted to this green cream. Further use allows your skin to become a believer that pudding is actually good on your face as it is in your stomach. BUY HERE, $40

If you’re only down for the dewy cause, skip this review. But for those who like more of a matte finish to your creams, this is really good. Made from the brand’s breakthrough ingredient, Alguronic Acid, an algae that helps fight fine lines and wrinkles, along with peptides and vitamins B3 and C, this is a nutrient-packed moisturizer. At first, I didn’t feel anything and it was seemingly drying (since I’m one of those who NEED a dewy glow), but after a few days, I realized not every moisturizer needed to be. I’m a believer. BUY HERE

, $35

Huxley’s Cream: Glow Awakening is a lighter formula from the Korean brand’s other creams but is just as moisturizing. This one comes with the brand’s signature blend of prickly pear cactus seed, niacinamide and antioxidants. It’s rich, without being oily, light but still super moisturizing. Your skin will feel plumper and juicier in no time. BUY HERE

, $35

Susanne Kaufman Day Cream

This calming cream tells your freaked out skin to chill TF out. With its compounds of chamomile, sage, yarrow leaves and St. John’s wort blossoms, the relaxing concoction gives your skin an instant spa-like feel. The oils, including rosehip seed oil, restores your skin. If you’re looking to calm your anxiety-filled pores, douse it with this day cream. Your pores will thank you later. BUY HERE, $89

AMOREPACIFIC Time Response Skin Reserve Creme

The MOST MOIST (say that 5 times fast) experience you’ll have this winter? It’ll be with Amore Pacific Time Response Skin Rescue Cream. This product has been scientifically tested through time and includes green tea extracts including the Korean brand’s own patented Advanced TIME RESPONSE Complex, with Green Tea Stem Cell, Green Tea Polysaccharide EGCG, Green Tea Saponin and more. Those are just fancy ingredients that equate to firmer, smoother and hydrated skin. If that wasn’t enough green tea, the product also contains 100% green tea water for a better green tea and antioxidant-rich experience. This one is also an investment and not wallet-friendly. But if you’re looking for the most luxurious facial experience, look no further. BUY HERE, $150-$400

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