Welp, The Ordinary had a good run.

When the Canadian brand DECIEM launched in 2016, it offered solid products at unbeatable prices that forced the entire industry to take notice. Good products at even better prices? Sounded too good to be true.

Because the catch – a big catch – would be its unruly founder, Brandon Truaxe, a megalomaniac of sorts who was as unstable as he was emotionally charged. We’ve already written about how problematic he is here but you can definitely read from his own mouth how bananas things really are in a Racked interview here.

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To be clear, there’s nothing ordinary about a beauty brand going off the rails by bullying rivals or offending their customer base. And certainly there’s no excuse for having zero remorse or regard for actively hurting people. What’s unbelievable are that there are still many consumers who still defend Brandon, saying his candor on Instagram is nothing short of refreshing.

But that needs to stop now.

As a beauty community, we cannot continue supporting businesses that thrive off of negativity. We need to be socially responsible, smart consumers. Of course, none of us are perfect. I, myself, as a beauty editor, totally fall short. But we still must try really hard. Because there’s zero acceptable reasons to continue encouraging a megalomaniac whose pettiness, offensiveness, and maliciousness continues to fester. It’s dangerous. Look at Donald Trump.

I realize how many of you love The Ordinary because of its prices. But I’ve scoured far and wide to find products that are just as good – or better! – for prices that are similar. Some are a little higher, I realize, while others actually beat The Ordinary prices. Either way, I hope we can start supporting Indie brands to bigger brands who are acknowledging their customers who are shelling their hard earned money for a bit of luxury. Here are some great alternatives below:

Replace: The Ordinary Vitamin C, $6.80 

Get: Derma-E Vitamin C Concentrated Serum, $15.99

The Ordinary’s silicone-based vitamin C was used for stabilization. Trade that in for a gentle formula that comes in a serum form from this brand, Derma-E. It’ll last you a long time as well, at 2 fluid ounces.

Replace: The Ordinary “Buffet,” $14.80

Get: Dear, Klairs $30

Everyone’s talking about peptides for good reason. The Ordinary’s “Buffet” offered them for an insane price. But objectively, I love Dear, Klairs, the K-beauty brand much better. Its midnight blue formula comes from guaiazulene a dark blue crystalline hydrocarbon. Made with EGF and bFGF, it’s potent in its anti-aging properties. Totally worth every cent.

Replace: The Ordinary Niacinamide 10%, $5.90

Get: Babyface Niacinamide Serum, $12.90

Niacinamides are on the tip of everyone’s tongue as of late. And for good reason. The wonder ingredient is a “do it all” product, known for shrinking pores, helping uneven skin tone, fine lines as well as treating acne. This one from Babyface was just a few more dollars and is creamy and beautiful on your skin.

Replace: The Ordinary Rosehip Oil, $9.80

Get: Olivia Care 100% rosehip oil, $8

Rosehip oil is a natural ingredient for fighting against signs of aging. Try this cold-pressed one from Olivia Care, which is 100% pure.

Replace: The Ordinary Marula Oil $9.90

Get: Swanson Marula Oil, $9

Marula oil is from the fruit of a marula tree, found in Africa. It is super moisturizing but won’t dare clog your pores. Try this cheaper oil from Swanson.

Replace: The Ordinary 30% AHA peel, $7.20

Get: Youthful Glow 30% AHA glycolic peel, $13.50

I have to admit, the 30% AHA in The Ordinary was very potent. It leaves your skin stinging because it’s doing its work at sloughing dead skin cells. Try this one from Youthful Glow that’s just as potent. At 30%, it’s not for beauty novices. Bonus: it comes with a cute fan brush for application.

Replace: The Ordinary, Lactic Acid 10%, $6.79

Get: Silk Naturals, Lactic Acid, $8.95

This lactic acid from Silk Naturals became a cult product thanks to the Internet. At its price point and size, the toner is a perfect replacement for The Ordinary’s serum.

Replace: The Ordinary Glycolic Acid, 7%, $8.70

Get: La Roche Posay Effaclear Clarifying Solution, $14.99

La Roche-Posay became a go-to French drug store brand for good reason. It’s relatively inexpensive, great for sensitive skin and is no-fuss. Try this Effaclear clarifying solution with glycolic acid, a good replacement for The Ordinary’s. I found the packaging for The Ordinary to be super clumsy and the formula for La Roche-Posay is much easier to apply.

Replace: The Ordinary Hyaluronic Serum, 2%, $6.80

Get: Art Naturals Hyaluronic, $7.95

This hyaluronic from Art Naturals is a gem. At $7.95 it’s just a little pricier than The Ordinary but does just as good a job as being that super hydrating serum you’re looking for.

Replace: The Ordinary, Retinoid 2%, $9.80

Get: Paula’s Choice RESIST retinol serum, $12

Paula’s Choice is my go-to when I need something solid. This RESIST retinol serum is exceptional and a holy grail for many beauty editors. Try this travel sized one that will rival The Ordinary’s own 2% retinoid. It’s worth every penny – I swear by it.