1. The holidays make us all go AHHHHH!

Whether that’s a shrill of panic or a shout of joy, that’s your call. Here at Very Good Light, we’re squealing with immense cheer, as we’re celebrating our first holiday season ever with you all. It’s a moment in time – who would have known that a humble men’s beauty blog could make it past the first day, let alone in its third month? So imagine our excitement when we were sitting around a fire place one day dreaming up a list of grooming products that we’ve been coveting all year.

Though there are way too many things to list (literally millions of products), we came up with a carefully curated holiday grooming guide full of items we’re obsessed with. Of course, these aren’t all of our favorite products. They’re merely a short list that we thought would make for great gifts. The best part? The guide is non-gender specific so you can give these to your mom or dad, sister or brother, lover –be it a gal or guy or both –or simply, hoard it for yourselves (which we’re planning on doing).

So gift away, my friends! And if you need our shipping address for our belated holiday gifts you wanna splurge on, email us!

Prada gift sets

Whether you’re a fragrance person or not, everyone loves getting a huge box from Prada. Here, we found the three best bets if you’re looking to gift an entire set. Some sweet: Prada Candy Florale gift set

, $122; something fresh: Prada Milano Infusion D’Iris gift set

, $88; something sporty: Prada Luna Rossa

, $80.

Amore Pacific’s Prime Reserve Epidynamic Activating Creme

It’s the most coveted item on out list. It’s also a whopping $750. ? That’s like getting a brand new iPhone 7. Or two iPad minis. But totally worth it for anyone who’s serious about investing in their skin. This wonder product was created after three decades of green tea tree research. The result? The brand was able to extract a superior antioxidant form that goes deep into the skin, creating a bright and youthful appearance. We tested it for a week and were ~THRILLED~ with the results. If you love yourself, or your mother, father, it’s worth the splurge. Amore Pacific, $750.

Valentino & Prada

We’re into Prada’s L’homme and La Femme as well as Valentino’s Valentino and Valentina. They’re sold as the yin to someone’s yang. So if you’re looking to gift yourself while gifting your loved one, these go swimmingly with each other. Valentino Donna

, $65; Valentino Uomo

, $82; Prada L’Homme

and Prada La Femme

, $150


Sulwhasoo gets our vote for the creamiest, dreamiest moisturizers for the harsh winter weather. Some are firming, others are replenishing. Whatever you choose to get, completely a skin thirst-quencher (and worth it!). Sulwhasoo

, $240.

Jo Malone London holiday sets

What could be better than Jo Malone London’s holiday set? The famed British brand came out with gift sets that will make any fan or newbie to the brand. From the bath gels to its mini colognes, there’s something completely special with using something from the brand that practically invented the art of fragrances. Jo Malone London gift set

, $115; Bathtime collection, $65.


If you’re looking for a fragrance that’s new, check out the new startup, Hawthorne. The brand is completely direct to consumer, meaning there’s no hassle in going to a brick and mortar to retrieve your product. Simply fill out a questionnaire on the brand’s site and they’ll send you two fragrances: one for work, one for play. Don’t like what you got? You can send back for a complete refund. Smells like a good idea. Hawthorne, $100.

Bumble and Bumble kit

It’s no secret that we love Bumble and Bumble, the company founded in the late 70’s. From its priming sprays, to pomades to solid shampoos, it’s a solid brand for any a hair aficionado. If you’re in need to satisfy any loved one who’s obsessed with hair, Bumble and Bumble is a safe and sure bet. Bumble and Bumble, various pricing.


It’s never been a better time to pick up a concealer from NARS. The brand announced its product shade line up earlier this summer. So if you’re looking for that perfect cover up for your exact shade, chances are, NARS will have it. The brand added Creme Brulee, Cannelle, Macadamia, Chestnut, Hazelnut and Dark Coffee to its line up. We co-sign the award-winning formula, which is lightweight enough to feel natural but heavy enough to do a great job in concealing. NARS Concealer

, $37


If you’re looking for a shaving company that puts skincare first, try Cremo. The brand was founded on the premise that skincare should come first, shaving second. With chemists from high-end cosmetics brands onboard to formulate its products, Cremo makes shaving actually good for your face. Try their bestselling beard oils, which seem to sell out everywhere. Smells refreshing, soothes the skin, while treating it at the same time. Cremo Beard oils

, $12.

Best grooming technologies

If you’re a techy, add these devices into your grooming routine if you haven’t already. There’s the classic Clarisonic Alpha Fit brush that still is a must have because of its excellence in exfoliation. Try the brand’s brush made just for men. It claims to soften your beard while cleansing at the same time. Then, switch out your toothbrush for Philips Sonicare DiamondClean, the best brush on the market we’ve tried. You don’t know what a clean mouth feels like until using this brush. Philips Norelco’s OneBlade trimmer ensures you’ll never have razor burn ever again. We tested it for a month and were impressed by the different settings it comes with, whether you want stubble, a short beard, or to be clean-shaven. Finally, try ColorMe’s makeup applicator. It replaces your fingers, sponges and brushes and vibrates with a click of a button so that it properly covers evenly. Think of it as a Clarisonic for makeup. Colorme, $68; Philips Sonicare DiamondClean

, $168; Philips Norelco OneBlade

, $35; Clarisonic Alpha Fit Holiday Gift Set

; $219

Bobbi Brown

We just tried Bobbi Brown’s new retouching wand and our lives have changed. For $40, the wand completely hides any discoloration, redness, or blemish like *that*. It’s lightweight and applies exactly like a pen. The want has a sponge applicator at its tip for an elegant “no makeup makeup” look. Then, try the brand’s highlighter for a subtle shine (well, that is, if you don’t go overboard). It’s perfect for those nocturnal holiday festivities when you need an added glow in the darkness. Bobbi Brown Retouching Wand

, $40; Bobbi Brown Highlighting Powder

, $48.


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