Valentine’s Day is painfully overrated.

I’m sick and tired of walking into any chain store and being attacked by red and pink hearts, ads featuring the perfect cisgender couple, or even my local coffee shop promoting “lattes for two.”

Out with heteronormative gifts, and in with this selection of inclusive, gender-nonconforming goodies.


Bottle of Boy Smells perfume
Go ahead! Throw a fit!

Boy Smells genderless fragrance: For when you need a gentle reminder to freshen up.

Open box full of sex toys.
That's hot.

Seductive Pleasure Adult Subscription Box: For someone who isn't afraid of gadgets and gizmos aplenty.

Open box with flowers wrapped in newspaper
"Who? Moi?"

Fresh Sends: For the partner who loves the idea of fresh flowers, even if they kill them in 48 hours.

Brown candle
Brown and down to clown

Snif Candle Bundle Kit: For the partner that insists on baking salmon in your windowless kitchen.

Woman with heart-print lingere
Follow your hearts

MeUndies MatchMe Valentine’s Guide: For the partners who love to match. There are some of you out there.

Disembodied ear with a lot, like a lot, of earrings
VGL stands for Very Good Listener

Studs Earrings: For someone who loves fine jewelry on a costume budget.

Paper bouquet with paper butterflies
Practically flapping off of the page

LovePop Butterfly Bouquet: For the partner that’s allergic to flowers.

Two black smart bracelets
A Fitbit for the lovesick

Long Distance Touch Bracelet: For when you’re miles and miles apart…or if your partner runs down the street.

Heart-shaped waffle and a red mini waffle maker

Heart-Shaped Waffle Maker: For the chef in your life. And for you to eat heart-shaped waffles without lifting a finger.

Deck of cards
Send deck pics

Date Deck: For the partner you’ve run out of things to talk about with.

The yassification of Thing from the Addams Family

Chillhouse Press-on Nails: For the person in your life that can’t paint their own nails to save their life.


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