Starting a business can be a very empowering journey.

From testing, trying, and doing it all over again, launching a brand can be a long learning process. In the beauty industry, we are fortunate enough to see new female founders starting brands constantly. Undergoing the long learning process required to developing beauty products.

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For most female owned businesses, empowerment is at the core of their mission. For this Women’s History Month, Very Good Light spoke with four diverse beauty brands that were founded by mother-daughter duo’s. We learned out the unique experience launching a brand with a family member, entrepreneurship and being a female founder. From skincare, haircare, body care, and cosmetics, these female owned brands are here to inspire us this Women’s History Month.

Okiki Skincare

Products: Range from bath soaps to natural wick candles, Acai Berry & Mangosteen Soap ($6) – Soy Wax Candle ($35), Okiki skincare offers and assortment of natural balms, bath soaks, body bars, among other high-quality body care products.

Backstory: Okiki Skincare is a mother-daughter owned beauty brand based out of Ashford, Kent, England. Okiki Skincare pays homage to the grandmother/mother of the founders, who would hand make and sell soaps in Lagos, later inspiring her family to continue this legacy. The mother-daughter duo began to sell online in 2020, and recently began picking up major traction after the tragedies of George Floyd and the celebration of Black Owned Businesses. “We hadn’t existed in the UK media before, and now we did, and it was really good for us as business,” says Antonia, daughter-founder of Okiki. “The timing was unfortunately right,” Antonia adds. With over 72 unique body and home products ranging from Goat’s Milk soaps ($6.50) to Natural wick candles ($30), you are sure to find something or a few things. When discussing female entrepreneurship, Antonia says “trust the process and enjoy the process.”

Beat House Cosmetics

Products: Range from colorful eyeshadow pallets to liquid lipsticks,  Sucka punch lip plumper ($10) – The knockout palette ($15), Beat House Cosmetics offers colorful and highly-pigmented beauty products ranging from eyes, lips, and tools.

Backstory: Founded by Danielle and Samiah Pasha, Beat House Cosmetics is dedicated to beating adversity, empowering females, and encouraging women to take risks and explore ways of expressing themselves. “The thing that inspires me about working with my daughter is showing her how to conduct business properly and teaching her financial literacy in an effort to create generational wealth,” says mother co-founder Danielle to Very Good Light.

Drifter Organics

Products: Range from body butter to face oil, Smile Balm Lip Balm ($8) – Gold Mine Face Oil ($56), Drifter organics offers all natural products from gua sha tools, body oil, and other nourishing body care products.

Background: Founded by Michael and Dawn Marie Hoo, Drifter Organics is a skincare company committed to creating clean and organic products. “When you start your own business, you’re not going to hit the mark right off the bat,” Says Michaela and Dawn to Very Good Light. “We’ve learned to not take ourselves too seriously,” the mother-daughter duo adds. Drifter Organics creates products from hands, lips, face, and body, fully formulated with non-toxic and sustainably sourced ingredients.

Sis Root Shea

Products: Range from exfoliating foot scrubs to body butters, Exfoliating foot scrub ($9) – Orange blossom body butter ($14), Sisroot takes shea butter seriously, and formulates their products with this nourishing ingredient throughout the line.

Background: Sisroot is an all natural hair and body care brand, with products created to make you feel most confident wearing your natural hair. Founded in June 2020, Sisroot was developed by mother-daughter duo, Leynna and Ruth. The company began after the founders transitioned from chemically processed hair back to its natural state, and noticed many other people where make the same switch.  The shea butter formulas range from Ultra-hydration hair cream ($11) to Exfoliating foot scrub ($9) and are also vegan-friendly. “All our products are suitable for all skin and hair types from afro to European, mixed, curly, coily and thick hair textures,” says Leynna and Ruth to Very Good Light. When discussing the mother-daughter entrepreneurship experience, they say “We always have fun and create new things together and it is a blessing to be able to celebrate our success with each other.”

Jill and Ally

Products: Range from face coverings to candles, Hand sanitizer 2-pack ($12) – 18k gold plated mask chain ($18), Jill and Ally offer products from fashion, beauty, and home goods.

Background: The mother-daughter duo Jill and Ally joined forces in 2020 to launch a chic face mask brand committed to a get one/give one program for front-line workers. Since then the brand has expanded into fashion accessories like quirky makeup bags ($42) and reality tv inspired candles ($35).


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