NEWNESS is where the beauty community parties.

When it comes to live-streaming anything under the realm of beauty, you’re going to want to head straight to NEWNESS. Sure, YouTube has long been THE place to quickly search for a review on a specific beauty product or learn how to nail a smoky eye. And most recently, TikTok has been the go-to app for quick, fast, and trendy video content begging to be consumed with an endless ‘For You’ page. But NEWNESS fills a void in the industry, giving us what we want in REAL time. Not to mention the fact that it fosters an inclusive and supportive environment for creators. More on that later.

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In 2020, the coronavirus pandemic ripped through the nation and everyone was scrambling for new ways to entertain themselves. As we self-quarantined and added ‘social distancing’ into our vocabulary, online content consumption increased heavily.

Forbes reports the amount of time we were tuned into our devices doubled last year, turning an average of three hours per day into an average of six hours and 59 minutes. 48 percent of consumers increased their social media usage and 47 percent of consumers increased their usage of streaming services.

With media consumption at an all-time high, NEWNESS is providing the beauty community exactly what they’re craving. The platform was created by two former Twitch employees, Jenny Qian and Youri Park. While inspired by the popular gaming platform, there is one huge difference: NEWNESS promotes the uplifting and support of creators above all else.

Every aspect of NEWNESS is rooted in support and love. You can ‘heart’ comments in the chat, send creators gifts, and contribute to organizations of their choice. The more you interact with others, the more you earn NEWNESS Crystals, which you can redeem for beauty gifts and prizes from top brands. Moderators on the platform encourage hyping up creators and keep the chat flowing and lively. Every stream feels like a party.

There is always something happening on NEWNESS, and beauty brands are starting to get involved, too. Some have launched new products on the app (like Tatcha and good light) and have donated to creators for giveaways. Something about NEWNESS feels like a new wave of energy and change within the beauty industry. It’s a place to connect with fellow beauty lovers in REAL time and foster meaningful relationships with creators in ways that no other app can. It’s a place to check negativity at the door or the stress of your day and just indulge and enjoy exciting, positive, and uplifting content.

We rounded up 25 creators on the app that you definitely should be following. From makeup tutorials, unboxings, confidence chats, and get-ready-with-me moments, these creators span it all. Check out their profiles, flip through their beauty favorites, and sign up for their stream alerts! See you in the chat, Lighters.

1. Sage (@baresage)

2. Brandon (@itsbrandoncross)

3. Imani (@imaniking)

4. Austin (@oftenoften)

5. Leah (@leahmerriam)

6. Kelly (@kerriful)

7. Monica (@monlabelle)

8. Stephanie (@stephsmonolids)

9. Shamira (@shamira)

10. Christine (@glosshouse)

11. Regina (@therawmua)

12. Hanah (@lildewybae)

13. Erica (@ericamaya)

14. Nicole (@comfyskin)

15. Daniel (@danielmartin)

16. David (@seoulcialite)

17. Eddie (@mottaskin)

18. Jackson (@dudewithacne)

19. Ashley (@ash)

20. Alex (@alex)

21. Alida (@weirdskin)

22. Imani (@lebeat)

23. Jessica (@jessicathomasmua)

24. Didi (@fanb4ng)

25. Ashlin (@eyesbybri)

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