We can’t talk about shaving without talking about sustainability.

Constantly cycling through disposable razors can make a major impact on our environment and the health of the planet. Recently, we’ve seen some shaving brands redevelop electric shavers and antique styles of shaving, such as the double-edged razor, in an attempt to make shaving more sustainable. But those methods don’t work for everybody.

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Say hello to the latest launch from the shaving brand Schick: the Xtreme 3 Eco-Glide ($8.29). It’s the first-ever fully recyclable razor, from the packaging, blades, and even the handle itself. Can I please get a round of applause?

The handle is 99% made from PCR, also known as post-consumer recycled plastic, which means that in a previous life, it used to be things like yogurt cups and plastic bottles, among other recycled products. Unlike most disposable razors in the drugstore that typically come in a blister pack container, the Schick Xtreme Eco-Glide comes in a box made from 97% recycled materials. We already stan!

Very Good Light sat down with Natalya Utesheva, senior brand manager at Schick to get the full low down on this new innovation.

“Sustainability is a very important pillar for us as a company,” Natalya tells Very Good Light. “Disposable razors are at the forefront of that. Consumers use [disposable razors] for a number of shaves and then they toss it.”

A shocking 2 billion disposable razors end up in a landfill each year in the U.S., according to USA Today. “Just knowing the environmental impact, we have got to play a role in addressing that and doing it in a quality way,” says Natalya.

It’s important to note that the new eco-glide box can get easily tossed into your normal recycling bin, but the handle and razor itself cannot. Since many unique parts make up a razor, Schick has launched a new recycling program through its parent company, Edgewell, to take care of this process.

“All consumers have to do is just go to the Edgewell Recycling website and print out a free label at no charge to the consumer and ship it back,” says Natalya.

This is extremely important in order to fully recycle this razor. The recycling company is able to separate all the unique pieces of the razor and recycle everything properly, including the steel blades. “That is the way to ensure the full razor gets recycled,” says Natalya.

The Schick Xtreme Eco-Glide truly is revolutionary and the brand is not slowing down in terms of sustainability. The brand has plans to upgrade and renovate razors across the entire Xtreme line and include a percentage of recycled plastic in their handles, varying from 47-70% depending on the product.

“We’ve got plans in place to increase that percentage and get out of virgin plastic,” says Natalya.

Very Good Light had the chance to get the new razors in our hands to see how the eco-glide performs. Between the classic cartridge razor and double edge that provides weight to help pull the razor down your face, the Schick Xtreme Eco-Glide feels barely there in your hand. This may sound unusual to an experienced shaver, but the fact that these are so light makes them perfect for travel, at the gym, or if you’re on the go.

The razor provides an extremely smooth and comfortable shave due to the increased amount of lubrication. “The lubricating strip has more comfort on it to give it that extra glide,” says Natalya.

Don’t expect all the frills from this razor. Its stripped-down design has everything you need for a comfortable and close shave, without the aesthetic appeal. The razor head moves easily to the contours of your face without getting gunked up with shaving cream. The handle of the razor has a unique curve to it, making it easy to get to those hard places like under the nose, jaw, and neck. Most importantly, this razor will help heal the planet while keeping you looking fresh.


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