Charlotte Pienaar says she wishes there was someone when she was younger telling her just how important it is to lather up with SPF.

“I just really wish somebody back in my 20’s would’ve said, ‘Charlotte, you should really wear sunscreen. If not, 15 years later, you’re going to freaking regret it.’ But nobody told me that and legacy sunscreen brands aren’t compelling to young people because they’re a little bit dorky, a little bit science-y, nerdy, and at the same time, you kind of associate sunscreen with your nagging mom,” she told Very Good Light. Relatable, Charlotte…highly relatable.

As such, Charlotte set out to create Everyday Humans to show the beauty world that better basics can exist. “We make accessible and relatable SPF and body care products for your everyday. Sunscreen that you’re proud to wear and excited to use,” says Charlotte.

And so, with the mantra that no one should ever dread SPF – with the white cast and that greasy feel – she launched Everyday Humans.

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Formerly named “Everyday For Every Body,” Everyday Humans recently went through a complete rebrand with improved formulas, eco-friendly packaging, and lower price points. Their cult-favorite, Resting Beach Face ($24), is a 2-in-1 sunscreen-serum with antioxidants and a hyaluronic acid booster. The brand originally launched back in 2018, but under their new name, Everyday Humans, they’ve only been live for about 10 weeks. They’ve been killing it on Instagram with their funky new branding and clever copy. It’s a dream for Gen-Z.

Their most recent launch included Rosé S’il Vous Plait ($25), a gentle mineral sunscreen with SPF 30, and NO white cast. Upon hearing this, I was ecstatic to try it out. After all, I’m a firm believer that sunscreen doesn’t have to suck and can be extremely exciting and a fun part of anyone’s routine. If I could fist bump Charlotte on that, I would. See below for the review because this SPF did not disappoint. Below, our take!

My skin type

Oily. As time goes on, I’m pushing myself out of the combo community and just embracing straight-up oily acne-prone skin. Oh well, I’m making it work. But sunscreen is always difficult. The thought of any extra layer or literal barrier on your skin when you’re prone to excess oil can be uncomfortable, to say the least. I’m always looking for something that doesn’t feel like anything when it’s on, something that rubs in nicely and doesn’t leave anything behind for me to remember it by. The good thing is, Everyday Humans made Rosé S’il Vous Plait with the thought that mineral sunscreen can be really great for acne-prone and oily skin individuals. Um, YAY.


We’re working with some good stuff here. From their clinically-tested formulas to their eco-friendly packaging Everyday Humans wants to be the sunscreen brand you can feel good about buying, using, and recycling. The brand actually has a “no” list when it comes to common harmful ingredients, especially within SPF. No parabens, sulfates, pthalates, mineral oils, artificial colors, and synthetic fragrances.

All of their fragrance is COSMOS-certified. COSMOS stands for Cosmetic Organic and Natural Standard, and the certification means that its fragrance meets the requirements for organic and natural cosmetics products in the EU.

Rosé S’il Vous Plait​ contains 11.25% zinc oxide, organic aloe vera leaf juice, rosa centifolia flower extract, vitamin E, green tea leaf extract, and lavender flower extract. Basically, it’s the feeling of calm in a bottle with SPF added in.

Rosé S’il Vous Plait is cruelty-free, fragrance-free, and silicone-free. And, it’s SPF 30.


The brand is highly committed to sustainability with its “No BS” initiative. “Oxybenzone, octinoxate and PABA—sunscreen chemicals that are currently banned in Hawaii—are also out,” says Charlotte.  Always reef-friendly and kind to the ocean…love.

When it comes to sustainable packaging, the brand has made some amazing strides, although it’s still committed to finding better solutions. All of their tubes are made of post-consumer recycled plastic, or PCR. The bottles are made of biodegradable plastic (their No Problemo Pre and Post-Sun Water can be composted!). All cartons are made of FSC-certified (mixed packaging) recycled paperboard and printed on environmentally friendly soy-based ink. The brand is committed to education as well. Charlotte noted to keep an eye out on their Instagram, as they’ll be showing ways to recycle your empties.

VGL’s Take

I’m gonna be honest and upfront: if you have any skincare concerns within the realm of excess oil, acne worries, or if you’re sensitive, Rosé S’il Vous Plait is the sunscreen for you. It’s the most gentle sunscreen I have ever tried, from the ingredients to the way it feels when it glides on your face. It feels just like any great moisturizer. It actually feels nothing like sunscreen and you won’t be aggravating your skin trying to rub it in.

The formula claims zero-white cast and it’s not playing around. As someone with really pale skin who doesn’t tan well, I’ve had my fair share of Casper the ghost moments in an attempt to protect myself from the blazing hot sun. This sunscreen truly doesn’t leave behind any white cast, which is extremely hard to find in a mineral sunscreen.

The non-nano zinc protection within the sunscreen doesn’t clog your pores and is grease-free. This guy has made its way into my sunscreen bag (a coveted spot) and it’s never leaving. At $25, this product is at a super accessible price point. I don’t think I want to live without ever again.

I’ve actually stopped using my moisturizer on days when I know I’ll be getting completely sun-drenched and just using Rosé S’il Vous Plait. It feels THAT normal on your skin, thanks to its ultra-hydrating soft finish. Another bonus: it doesn’t smell like coconuts or anything tropical, unlike traditional sunscreens. The amazing texture and neutral scent means that this is an SPF that can be used year-round—certainly every day.

Long story short, you need to snatch this up and add it to your SPF collection…you will NOT be disappointed.



A definite BUY (and you should have bought it yesterday, TBH)


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