By now, we’ve seen Justin Bieber’s own skincare regimen documented on his Instagram Stories.

Clad in a velvet baroque bathrobe as one usually wears for such an occasion, The Biebs became a beauty vlogger for all of 30 seconds on Instagram, showing the world the secrets to his pretty mug. The entire regimen is pretty simple and straightforward. He simply takes a Clarisonic

brush, $129, a cleanser from Christie Kidd and then “Goes SHABLAMMM all over the dome.” He ends with slathering EltaMD

SPF, $32 over his mean mug.

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But the seconds-long regimen isn’t foolproof, The Biebs admits. The 23-year old later zooms into his blemish-filled forehead and tells his followers that he’s not quite sure it’s all been so effective.

“I’ll be completely honest, I’m not sure it works, my methods,” he says. “If you see my forehead it’s not good, okay? So I wouldn’t take anything I said seriously.” He later gripes: “How does my face look oily after I wash it? It’s oil central! F***!

Fear not, Justin. YOU ARE ALL OF US. Meaning, you’re not alone when it comes to being extremely frustrated with your skin, especially when it comes with blemishes and pesky acne.

To see what he could be doing better, we sought out dermatologist and Dove Men+Care ambassador, Dr. Terrence Keaney, who specializes in men’s skincare and acne. The good news: Acne is definitely treatable. The bad news? Well, it’s complicated.

First things first: According to Dr. Keaney, Justin’s skincare regimen isn’t that bad. “A soft brush exfoliator like a Clarisonic

removes dead skin cells and oil on the top layer of the skin so it doesn’t create clogged pores,” he tells Very Good Light. That being said, there’s a sweet spot when it comes to exfoliating. “Over-exfoliation can make your skin look worse but if you don’t do it at all, you can create more acne.”

What he’d recommend Justin do is use a gentle cleanser, ensuring that his skin is still hydrated. “I think the biggest misconception guys have is that they’re not cleansing enough or their cleansers aren’t harsh enough, that’s not correct,” he says. “Anything harsh will dry out skin and make it flake, making acne even more apparent. Using something mild is the way to go. Also, guys think that just because their face is oily, they don’t need moisturizer. It’s actually the body producing more oils to overcompensate.”

But what’s the one big mistake Justin used in his regimen? Not treating his acne and skipping that step altogether. Meaning, the cleanser or the sunscreen has no active ingredients for fighting his blemishes that frustrate him so much. “I’d recommend he use a benzoyl peroxide or a retinoid with Vitamin A derivatives for the clogged pores,” he says.

Fighting acne with active ingredients definitely helps, but finding the source of why you’re breaking out is key in finding how to treat it. Dr. Keaney says there are four main reasons for breaking out: “It’s a function of increase oil production around puberty in sex hormones, overgrowth of bacteria of skin, your body’s overreaction to a larger immune response, or sweat glands clogging your pores. Every individual has a different pattern.”

Which means if over the counter products like a retinoid like Differin gel, or Benzoyl peroxides found at any drug store isn’t doing anything, it probably means it’s time to see a professional.

So Justin, no, you’re definitely not alone. And your skincare regimen isn’t horrible (bonus points for using an SPF!) – it’s a good first step. But adding more hydration, a milder cleanser and seeing a professional will clear up your skin completely. Soon enough, Biebs, with just a little help, you’ll become a ~true~ beauty expert, just like John Mayer.

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