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Are you thirsting for summer?

If you’re like us, you’ve been waiting with bated breath to take out your summer shorts, your shades and your Sade. But if you’re a season pusher like us, you’re wearing clothing or makeup based upon the season in your head. That means for spring, you’re in Bermuda shorts and a tank, oiled up, tanned and ready for the sweatiest season of the year.

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That also means you’re into that dewy, donut glazed, look. AKA the supple, bouncy, humidity-kissed skin that absolutely glows when it hits the light.

“I love a guy who sizzles in the summer heat,” says Maureen Sheen, senior editor at American Salon. “And dewy skin reminds me of a guy who broke a sweat and is completely owning it. Healthy, supple skin is also fresh-faced and glowing. Why wouldn’t you want to be all of those things for summer?”

While there are many tricks and tips to achieve this, like using a highlighter or metallic makeup, there’s an even easier way to get that sun kissed look. And the best part? It takes about three seconds to do. The second best part? It’s completely makeup-free, which means removing it or cleansing your face at night is completely easy.

All you need is ONE product! Yep, one. That’s a salve, vaseline, or in this case, a face gloss from Milk Makeup. But really, you don’t need to even get fancy. You can definitely use your lip balm as long as it has that thick, shiny texture. In this case, the more shine, the better.

What you need:

-Any kind of salve, gloss, balm

1 Target your eyelids

You may not see it for yourself, but your eyes are what people notice first. And every time you blink, you eyelids are there for all to see. Give your fans a show when you’re looking away or blinking. They’ll shimmer in the light. Simply take your product and place onto your lids. A small dollop goes a ~long~ way. Use sparingly. Plop onto your eyes and smoothen out.

2 Use the rest in other key spots

Then, use the rest of your product on your cheekbones. They’re the highest point of your face other than your nose, so will find that good light. Use the rest to moisturize your kissable lips. Hey, it’s almost summer, and never too early to place a wet one on someone special.

Photos by Carolyne Teston; Hair by Brittan White; Makeup by Louanna Factora

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