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5 skin benefits you get from drinking a gallon of water a day

by Madison Marsh in Face

Everyone has likely heard the same age-old skincare tip: drink water. Water has been the most prescribed medicine in modern medicine. Headache? Drink water. Overheated? Drink water. Flu? Drink water. Proper hydration has always been the key to health. SEE ALSO: Can an anti-inflammatory diet help with cystic acne? We...

This TikTok skincare hack will completely upgrade your routine

by Jacob Garland in Face

Stop EVERYTHING and read this post before you do your skincare routine. If you haven’t had the chance to check out dermatologist-turned-TikTok star Dermangelo [https://www.instagram.com/dermangelo/], we highly recommend it. His recent viral post addressing the number one skincare mistake people make has correctly left us...

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