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Most things seem scary until you actually try them. Take going out to eat by yourself, for example. A few years ago, the thought of it sent my stomach into a gurgling engine of bubbling noises and sailors' knots. I did it once and realized, hey — this is downright lovely. There’s no one here to pick all the loaded chips out of my fully loaded nachos. Now, it’s second nature, and I look forward to every opportunity to take myself on the fanciest solo dinners.

I suppose the same can be said about starting a skincare routine. For many, it’s a daunting, overwrought sea of products, ingredients, and brands. Where does someone even begin? To someone starting their Skincare Journey — why would they care if something is “cold-pressed” or “water-soluble”? It’s a process filled with anxiety, and I wouldn’t fault you for barrelling out of whatever Sephora or Boots (if you’re in the UK) you’re in on the basis of being overwhelmed.

If that sounds like you, I’m here to tell you that things can be simpler. Take Geologie, for example. Geologie is a personalized skincare brand with some core pillars that might speak to the streamlined person looking for an efficacious routine.

  1. Personalization: Skincare is not one-size-fits-all. What works for your best friend may not work for you. Geologie tailors a routine specifically for your needs.
  2. Scientifically-proven ingredients: Only the good stuff, none of the filler
  3. Highly-effective formulas: Made by real-life dermatologists — not three toddlers stacked inside a lab coat.
  4. Customer service: The other day, I waited for a customer service airline representative for four hours, only to be given the worst service of my life. There won’t be any of that at Geologie.
  5. Simplicity: You can start and finish your morning and evening skincare routines in a minute. When was the last time something took that little time? Even the ADA recommends brushing your teeth for two minutes.

To get started, you just take a short diagnostic questionnaire. It will determine your goals, needs, and current skin situation to divine a routine — by a dermatologist! — tailored to you. You can even customize your routine further. Consider yourself a minimalist? Opt for the Essential Routine. Want all your bases covered? Get the Classic Routine. Worried about your under-eye region? The Complete Routine throws in an eye cream for whatever your eye woes are — darkness, puffiness, or both. (No judging.)

Doesn’t that sound easy? That’s because it is. Caring for your skin is an investment in your appearance — an investment in your self-esteem. You know those mornings where you wake up with a Good Skin Day? Let’s have more of those. Try Geologie here and use code VGL50 for 50% off the cost of your trial.

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