We likey.

While I suppose it could, it should not surprise you that the Very Good Light editors come across a lot of products. Every month, we’ll sort through our bathroom counters and makeup bags to find the ones that stand out the most. They will be cataloged here, in no particular order.

On occasion, our picks will be associated with affiliate links, of which we receive a small percentage. This fact bears no relationship to our independent editorial selections! It merely helps keep the lights on.

Smells like spring: Ellis Brooklyn Sun Fruit
Sun Fruit opens up with an effervescent sparkle—like cracking the top of a pear LaCroix. What follows is a tide of white florals that parts for a coconut-tinged skin scent that wears close to your body like a wet swimsuit. –Or Gotham

Stick with it: Merit Flush Balm Cream Blush in Terracotta
I’m not usually a fan of beauty products in stick form. They usually remind me of Elmer’s glue sticks. This changed my opinion. It’s the perfect size for the apples of my cheeks and blends out seamlessly — unlike an Elmer's glue stick, I presume. –Nicole Swiggard

Acne be gone: Good Light Luna Pimple Patches
My skin has been experiencing some texture issues, and finally, a pimple came to the surface when I needed it the least. These patches come in different sizes and helped me tone down the issue. In under 24 hours, my redness was gone, the gunk was out, and the bump was down. –Isis Gutierrez

Gorgeous gourmand: Nette Another Life Candle
If I were to make a candle, I imagine it could smell something like this. It has notes of vanilla, cocoa, cedarwood, and patchouli  — giving it a soft, powdery, and chocolatey finish that has never (not even once) given me a headache. –OG

Heavy, in a good way: Bala Weighted Bangles
As a devoted Tinx follower, Bala one-pound bangles were a no-brainer purchase. (She wears them on her rich mom walks.) Walking around town, cleaning my room, or even doing the dishes now completes my personal workout for the day. –Olivia Hawkins

Fancy shampoo: Gisou Hairwash
I’ve had a buzzcut for a few years and after deciding to grow it out for whatever reason, I need a “nice” shampoo. This one clears through my product buildup without leaving me squeaky-stripped all while leaving me in a soft, warm, honey-scented cloud. –OG

Bouncy skin is in: Round Lab Dokdo Lotion
After three years of being loyal to one moisturizer, I decided to make a switch. The Dokdo lotion is just what I need after 6 steps in my routine. With a light texture and soothing ingredients, it brightens my skin and keeps my flare-ups at bay. –IG

No days off: Every Sun Day Sun Fluid SPF 50+
Two things about me: I have rosacea, and I am deeply afraid of getting wrinkles. Therefore, SPF is my everything. This one doesn’t feel super thick like other sunscreens or leave a white cast. It’s a miracle, really. –NS

Or, if you’re feeling mineral: CeraVe Hydrating Mineral Sunscreen SPF 30
With skin that freckles with a mere glance at the sun, I need all of the protection I can get. CeraVe's Mineral Sunscreen protects my skin on the daily without blocking pores and doesn't leave the greasy residue that we all want to avoid. –OH

Rose-tinted lenses: Megababe Rosy Pits Deodorant
The clean deodorant industry is a tricky one to navigate. Many brands require reapplication throughout the day, leaving any chance of smelling seamlessly fresh, hopeless. Megababe Rosy Pits have the formula down brilliantly, making me feel clean on the inside out, all day long. –OH

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