I like to think of many of my personal effects — bag, shoes, even keychains — as objets. (French for object. Often to earn this French distinction, the thing must be beautiful.) I extend that consideration to my phone. The way I see it, everything from the case to the wallpaper can — and should — be a delighting reflection of you.

That's why I made you these wallpapers that cost you exactly nothing to use. The concept for this first (!) collection is Bottom of a beauty editor's bag. It includes the real detritus from my life that I photographed in the dim, overcast lighting of my walk-up apartment. They come in an edited palette of tones: apricot, cornflower coffee, and pistachio — for a calm feeling every time you see your phone. :')

You can find the download links for the hi-res files below!

Collection of aesthetic iphone wallpapers in different colors
Apricot, Cornflower, Coffee, Pistachio

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Download the collection here


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