When it comes to period and vaginal care, there are endless hoops, misinformation, and far too many hot pink packages we need to dodge in order to get the right products.

These brands are founded by women who were inspired by the lack of open conversation, clean materials, and overall things that just down-right didn’t exist.

[Editor's note: The market has yet to completely reform in a way that separates "vaginas" and "periods" from the word "feminine." Not all women menstruate. (Cis women included.) Not all women have vaginas. (Cis women also included.) With that in mind, some of the products featured use gendered verbiage that doesn't necessarily align with the growing understanding of gender and the nuances of our ever-evolving language. Here at VGL, we believe in patience and always presume the best in others.]

Shop these products:

For ingrown hairs: Lady Suite Glow Refiner for Ingrown Skin, $32

Ingrown hairs are truly a tough battle. If you choose to shave, sometimes it feels like you can never win against them. Alas, Lady Suite has created an au natural refiner spray for your shaving routine, including witch hazel, lactic acid, and is dermatologically tested at a pH of 4.0.

For tampon-users, Lola Organic Tampons, $16.99

Many that utilize tampons are unaware of the harmful ingredients that many mainstream tampon brands choose to utilize in order to cut costs and mass produce, especially because they’re so accessible to us, in both cost and location. Superstores such as Target and Walmart now carry Lola organic tampons, a women-owned, natural brand that provides maximum comfort, without the scary labels.

For those who prefer a menstrual cup, Saalt Soft Menstrual Cup, $28.99

When it comes to menstrual products, as we mentioned before, many are unaware of the harmful ingredients that industry leaders turn a blind eye to in their products. Saalt prioritizes clean period health, whether you prefer tampons, pads, or cups. Their soft menstrual cup is made with 100% medical grade silicon, flexes with your body, and comes in super cute colors like this desert blush! It's always good to keep one of these around the house.

For those who prefer pads, Cora Organic Pads, $16.79

We just can’t get enough of companies that prioritize clean period health! Cora is no exception, providing non-toxic, 100% organic pads in stores such as Target, Wal-Mart, and CVS. They also have super chic, sleek packaging, that doesn’t buy into the ‘pink is for girls’ aesthetic that many period conglomerates choose to follow.

For deodorizing, The Honey Pot Refreshing Panty Spray, $15.20

Sometimes you need a refresh, whether we’re too embarrassed to admit it or not. The Honey Pot’s Refreshing Panty Spray is clinically tested by a team of gynecologists, 100% natural, and comes in the scents jasmine and lavender. Sort of curious how it works as a pillow spray...

For thick thighs that rub together, Megababe Anti Chafe Non-Toxic Thigh Stick, $18.95

There’s sincerely nothing worse than chafing, and as the hotter months come sooner than expected, so will exposed leg, henceforth, some chafe. Megababe made the ultimate non-toxic Thigh Stick, that leaves no visible residue and is designed to keep your inner thighs a frictionless environment.

For moisture all over, Kushae Protective Feminine Skin Balm, $29.99

If thighs aren’t the only place you’re concerned about chafing, enter Kushae’s all-over protective skin balm. Apply this all-natural, OBGYN-made cream to your breasts, pits, or any nether regions that need a little bit more moisturizing.

For a pH balanced wipe, Rael Natural Feminine Wipes, $8.99

As stated with the refreshing panty spray above, needing to freshen up isn’t anything to be ashamed of, and quite frankly, we can all relate! Rael’s natural wipes are pH balanced and flushable, free of chlorine, parabens, artificial fragrances, and anything that can cause serious irritation. Keep them in your briefcase. Use often.

For a healthy biome, Love Wellness Good Girl Probiotics, $24.99

Adding a probiotic to your diet is super easy, and the benefits are endless. Love Wellness is a company that’s advised by a board of doctors to deliver the best solutions. These probiotics support vaginal and urinary health, balancing vaginal yeast, bacteria, and maintaining a healthy environment.

Getting into the world of period health can be overwhelming, especially when you’re not sure what it is that you even should be or need to be using. These products are a great way to dip your toe into the world of period care, without the risk of harmful ingredients. Periodt!


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