Hi there,

My name is Or. I’m the new editorial director here at Very Good Light. I spent days figuring out what I would write for my inaugural piece. I contemplated sharing my beauty routine before deciding there would be plenty of time for that! I considered plagiarizing Vogue, wholesale, and doing a “24 hours with Me”-style story, but pivoted when I imagined being indicted during my first week at this new role. Rock hard pass. Instead, I come to you today to tell you this: I am nervous as hell.

Nervous in a good way! Like I’m hosting SNL. I’m an enthusiastic supporter of David and the space that he’s created for little flitty fey boys like myself. He’s leaving behind gargantuan shoes, and I’m honored that the team thinks I can fill them. So, for new and long-time readers, I thought I’d introduce myself.

A Lana Del Rey understudy

I am a first-generation Filipino American. My mom immigrated from Pampanga, a province in the Philippines, to the states in pursuit of more opportunities. Everything I do professionally, I do in service of that fact. My dad was raised in Upstate New York, and my sister lives a few stops away from me here in Brooklyn.

My best friend in this entire world is my dog, Orson. When I adopted him, he was supposed to be a 10–15 pound chihuahua. He is now nearly 40 pounds and is too heavy to carry around for extended periods of time. My apartment is overrun with his personal effects. At the time of publishing, my right pinky toe is black from stubbing it on a peanut butter-stuffed bone. I have considered covering it with a very short press-on.

My barking prince demonstrating the power of good lighting and angles
My barking prince demonstrating the power of good lighting and angles

My knack for beauty has taken many different shapes over the years. When I was younger, I thought I would be a makeup artist. I tried it for a few years before realizing it predominantly consisted of waking up very early and sitting around for many hours at a time. I eventually started writing about beauty instead. Maybe you’ve read some of my writing! If you have: thank you! If you haven’t, great! I can reuse some of those jokes, then.

I have three philosophies I’d like to leave you with.

On beauty:

When utilized correctly, it can be a shortcut to self-confidence. Self-confidence is a universal currency that can be redeemed most anywhere.

On writing:

If it’s no fun to write, it will be no fun to read.

On sandwiches at the airport:

Prepare to spend more than you think a sandwich should cost.

If you’ve made it this far: Thank you. I hope you’ll come along for the ride. This will be fun.



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