Skin tints can be hard to fall in love with.

The lighter-than-a-bb-cream formulas can often make skin feel super greasy and they can separate really easily. Clean formulas and inclusive shade ranges are hard to come by. Plus, most aren’t exactly made with sensitive or acne-prone skin in mind. I’ve tried all of the beloved skin tints in hope of finding the perfect product I can throw on and get the no-makeup-makeup-look in less than 30 seconds, but I never saw the hype behind the formulas.

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That is, until Tower28 decided they would launch one. I was lucky enough to gain a sneak peek of their SunnyDays ($30) formula at a NYFW event at the beginning of September, where I got color matched on the spot. It’s officially launching on October 12th, but the waitlist is now open to be the first to get your hands on the new product.

Here’s what you need to know about the SPF skin tint of our sensitive skin dreams.

The ingredients

First things first, this is the first-ever complexion makeup product that has received the National Eczema Association’s Seal of Acceptance. Like all Tower28 products, it’s made with sensitive skin top of mind. SunnyDays ($30) is a non-irritating mineral formula SPF that can soothe stressed skin due to environmental stressors and it doesn’t have a white cast. It can be best described as having a  light-to-medium buildable but sheer coverage and it comes in 14 different shades, ideally in which each can cover a spectrum of skin tones and can also be blended together for a custom color.

SunnyDays ($30) is reef-safe, alcohol-free, and fragrance-free and was developed with the help of celebrity makeup artist, Kirin Bhatty to test it’s performance ability overtime and choose a shade range that is inclusive to all.

Kirin was delighted to help develop a complexion product in the clean space, as she notes most BIPOC individuals are left out of this conversation in beauty.

“One of my clients had been transitioning to all clean products and she didn’t know how hard that would be as a POC. Everything was always a little too pink or too gray,” Kirin said to Very Good Light.

SunnyDays is made with skin-protecting and hydrating ingredients like prickly pear extract, aloe vera, and white sage. The formula is 100% vegan and cruelty free, the packaging is made with 60% post-consumer resin, and it’s SPF 30.

The review

Skin tints and SPF skin tints haven’t really been my thing, despite so desperately wanting them to be. I’ve tried Glossier, Ilia, and Milk Makeup’s but none of them seemed right for my oily and acne-prone skin. They easily separated and my skin felt and looked like it had a film over it. Then, I broke out in a cystic mess.

I had high hopes for SunnyDays ($30) after initially only trying it on my wrist and jaw at the eventt. I was so excited to score a bottle of my own to put to the test. But, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t worried this would be the first Tower28 product that didn’t have me head over heels, using it every day like second nature.

Since receiving, I’ve used SunnyDays ($30) on my skin for a week straight. I even SLEPT in it one night to see if it would break me out.

The good news? Not one pimple sprouted as a result. I’ve experimented with both using it on its own and then also setting it with powder. It spreads onto skin as light as water would and it’s clearly made with everyday wear in mind.

If you’re a bit drier or your makeup separates a lot due to oily skin, I recommend using a hydrating gel-based primer before using SunnyDays ($30). I’ve been using the one from PYT Beauty and it makes such a difference.

I quickly forgot this was an actual SPF. Since it’s fragrance-free, the experience is truly amazing and I feel this product can help someone who struggles with SPF choices if they’re sensitive and they want to wear makeup daily.

SunnyDays ($30) has a pretty natural-looking finish but Kirin mentions you can work with it to get just the complexion you want. “You can wear it as a natural finish on its own, or you can matte it down with powder. You can even make it look a bit more glowy by going back in with a highlighter. The shades are flexible and every shade can go across two or three skin tones, ” says Kirin.



An obvious total BUY. It’s affordable, clean, SPF 30, and perfect for skin types that are usually quick to dismiss trying SPF makeup formulas. It’s a game-changer. Sign up for the waitlist HERE, $30.

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