From the uber-chic candles that really set the mood, to the brand’s “genderful” collection of exotic smelling perfumes that launched last year, Boy Smells is just that b*tch.

Since the first time I laid my eyes on the brand, I was hooked. It is hard to come by a brand like Boy Smells that just gets it. From branding, to package design, to the product itself, Boy Smells has meticulously thought out every aspect of the brand to intrigue the customer no matter where they discover it.

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What really interested me about Boy Smells is the brand’s founder. Helmed by openly gay entrepreneur, Matthew Herman, Boy Smells is everything that you would consider queer, but turned on its head. The brand is notable for its quirky pink labels and raunchy scent names, from Kush Candle ($32) to Cowboy Kush Candle ($34).

“Deciding to make a candle brand called Boy Smells but putting it in a pink box, we knew from day one that we were standing for a world where girls can smell like guys and vice versa, poking fun at the idea of gendering,” says founder Matthew Herman to Very Good Light.

Beyond creating eccentric home and personal fragrances, Boy Smells is committed to using its voice and platform to make big changes in the LGBTQ+ community, while bringing queer representation to the roster of beauty founders.

“Combining traditionally masculine and feminine scent notes together is inherently kind of queer, so supporting LGBTQ+ community comes naturally and by extension,” says Matthew.

This past pride month, throughout the month of June, Boy Smells launched a collection of five candles that directly supported the Trevor Project. “We are incredibly proud to collaborate with the Trevor Project every PRIDE, donating $100K this year.”

Marble Fruit Cologne De Parfum

With this year’s PRIDE collection that was made available in June, Boy Smells launched a new personal fine fragrance, Marble Fruit Cologne De Parfum ($98), which might just be the brand’s most non-binary fragrance yet. This new fragrance completely embodies PRIDE and allows the wearer to experience a full spectrum of gender identity through the power of scent. Combining both sides of the spectrum, masculine and feminine, Marble Fruit allows the wearer to feel powerful no matter how they might identify.

The new fragrance, Marble Fruit ($98), has notes of pear, pink peppercorn, nectarine, cinnamon, rose centifolia, jasmine, magnolia, wild freesia, ambrox, musk, Australian sandalwood, cashmeran, and cedar. The eclectic potion truly has the most vivid, transformational, yet pleasant scent story that I have ever experienced.

Marble Fruit Cologne De Parfum review

Upon first spray, the fragrance story begins with the juicy and fruity notes of pear and nectarine combined with mysterious and spicy notes of pink peppercorn and cinnamon. The fragrance begins on a high note that is uplifting, vibrant, and bold. Although I don’t typically go for fruity scents, this one is unlike any other I have ever smelled, as it has a unique edge combined with the spice notes.

As the scent continues to settle on the skin, the fragrance begins to blossom into the floral notes of rose, jasmine, magnolia, and wild fresia. As the fruit notes settle and the floral notes take the stage, the transition is extremely vivid, as if you’re turning the pages of a book or watching the plot twist in a movie.

While wearing the fragrance, I feel more vulnerable and free. I am a sucker for rose scents, and Marble Fruit does not let me down. The rose notes are tucked into the creamy smells of jasmine and magnolia, while softly intertwining with the passing notes of fruit. Eventually, the floral notes dissipate into the distinctly masculine part of the fragrance.

When the fruit and floral notes pass, Marble Fruit develops into a sharp and woody scent that envelops you and wraps you into a soft blanket. The woody notes of cedar and sandalwood are fresh and sharp, combined with musk and ambrox, this part of the fragrance story would be commonly considered masculine. Everything about the dry down is fresh, strong, and woody.

One single wear of this fragrance is like a journey brought on by scent. The fragrance story allows the wearer to experience all sides of their personality, whether it’s fresh and fruity or musky and mysterious. You truly get to feel it all.

When it comes to purchasing fragrances, I am one to create a scent wardrobe based on my moods. But when it comes to Marble Fruit, it checks off all the moods. Marble Fruit allows me to explore all my favorite scent categories while creating an eclectic transformational journey produced through smell. I was pretty shocked at how much I enjoyed wearing the scent, as it allowed me to explore all sides of my identity and moods, just through one spray of a fragrance. Although this fragrance is unlike any others I have tried, it is extremely wearable for all seasons and occasions. It is also completely non-binary.

Like all of Boy Smells’ creations, Marble Fruit ($98) is crafted using high-quality, clean, and vegan ingredients. Additionally, this scent lasts FOREVER! It is one of those fragrances that just keeps going and going. I’ll definitely be reaching for this scent all year round, but especially in these months of transition between seasons.

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