That embarrassing itchiness and irritation around your butt after a gym sesh: totally treatable.

After exercise, it is common for your down there area to feel uncomfortable or look inflamed. But, problems like this one aren’t common topics of conversation and you might not know how to prevent or treat the issue.

So, Very Good Light decided to look into monkey butt, AKA butt chafing, and how you can easily treat and prevent it.

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What is monkey butt?

Monkey butt is a term that refers to skin irritation in the butt area. Its symptoms can be itchiness, inflammation, swelling, or rashes and are usually caused by chafing, fabric, or sweat rubbing against the area.

How do I prevent monkey butt?

There are a few ways to prevent monkey butt before it starts. People who are physically active, such as hikers and runners, are more likely to experience issues related to butt chafing, but it can affect day-to-day life as well.

Choosing anti-chafing fabrics for clothing, particularly underwear, can be helpful in reducing the potential of developing monkey butt. Synthetic fabrics are the way to go. More natural fabrics, such as cotton or wool, tend to absorb moisture and sweat. Trapped moisture exacerbates monkey butt and can cause clogged pores and rashes.

Compression shorts made of moisture-wicking fabric can also help, especially for those who opt to not wear underwear while working out.

Do not tuck in your shirt when it is hot or during exercise. The sweat can drip down into your underwear and trigger butt chafing.

Additionally, good hygiene is key to preventing monkey butt. Frequently washed skin and clothing can aid in keeping the area free of irritation.

Products that help alleviate monkey butt

Anti Monkey Butt Powder, $4.96

This popular anti-chafing powder can treat many of the symptoms of monkey butt. The powder can absorb sweat and excess moisture and provides a soft, smooth anti-friction surface. That combined with the product’s soothing calamine prevents monkey butt before it strikes.

Chamois Butt’r Original Anti-Chafe Cream, $16.70

This cream’s non-greasy formula keeps clothes clean and skin smooth. The texture allows for the skin to be lubricated and supple. Plus, it can soothe irritated skin all over the body.

Gooch Guard Chamois Cream, $16.95

Preventing chafing is the number one job of this cream and it does it well. It acts as a lubricant and stops chaffing and rash in its tracks. The product contains tea tree oil, which keeps the area feeling and smelling fresh and clean.

Body Glide Original Anti-Chafe Balm, $9.99

A fragrance-free balm, this product, originally made for surfers, creates a protective barrier on the skin to stop monkey butt in its tracks. It keeps the area dry and smooth while also preventing rawness, chafing, and rash.


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