In celebration of AAPI Heritage month, good light, the skincare brand from Very Good Light, is partnering with Korean beauty retailer Soko Glam and their giveback program.

Soko Glam is the top destination for K-beauty, which we know is crucial to the foundation of all beauty and skincare. South Korean-American founder Charlotte Cho began with a K-beauty platform in 2012 and eventually launched her own brand, Good (Skin) Days last year. In a similar story, our own Very Good Light and good light founder, David Yi, proudly Korean American, honors his heritage through his work in the beauty industry.

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Considering Charlotte and David’s combined foundational knowledge of K-beauty and passion for mission-driven skincare, it only makes sense that good light’s first retailer partnership is with the most trusted source for Korean beauty products: Soko Glam. VGL and good light are extremely excited to announce that a limited capsule collection of its product line is now available for purchase on Soko Glam’s website.

Not only is this a retail partnership, but founders David and Charlotte are staying true to their brand’s mission statements and taking it one step further to work towards making the world a better place with Soko Glam’s Good Days For All giveback program.

Good Days For All + good light

Good Days For All is the giveback program of Soko Glam created to nurture and assist communities who are in need of support. good light has partnered with this organization to support the AAPI community during the month of May.

A portion of proceeds from all purchases will be donated to a selected charity. In partnership with the Soko Glam community, a portion of every AAPI Founders Collective purchase made through May 31st will be donated to The AAPI Community Fund.

The AAPI Founders Collective is a composition of brands chosen by Soko Glam that represent quality and integrity, and are taking steps towards creating a world where tomorrow is more beautiful than yesterday. According to the collective, they feature top brands that lead with a mission-driven ethos, whether through inclusivity, sustainability, and community building. The brands are selected for their purpose-driven mission to bring more good into the world.

The program amplifies each brand’s purpose-driven message and makes the company and its products more accessible to the beauty community. In combination with their giveback program, Good Days For All supports brands and communities of people to help them get the visibility they deserve.

good light on Soko Glam

Starting this month, Very Good Light’s own beauty brand, good light, will be available for purchase on Soko Glam. Good light features three skincare products created to strengthen your skin barrier and support your glow from the inside out.

Good light’s mission is beauty beyond the binary. The brand is focused on moving culture forward by promoting a more inclusive definition of beauty through product and purpose, and striving to reflect the diversity and fluidity of the world we live in today. Clean, vegan, cruelty-free, and sustainably produced, good light creates highly efficacious, yet gentle personal care products that are for all people regardless of your gender identity.

With the help of the Soko Glam and Very Good Light community, this partnership will positively impact the needs of AAPI communities in a significant way. Both companies are working towards a more inclusive world of beauty and a more beautiful world in general, and this partnership is a step in that direction.

“It is an honor to be included in this powerful assortment from AAPI founders,” says good light founder, David Yi. “I am so proud to be Korean American all day, every day, and APAHM reminds me just how humbling it is to be supported by my people.”

Shop the collection, HERE!

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