The simple concept of an egg blossomed into a revolutionary skincare brand centered around reimagined vegan components, ultimately creating Superegg.

Erica Choi is the founder and CMO of Superegg, a skincare brand that launched in December of 2020 with the goal to incorporate the vegan equivalent components of an egg into skincare products. She spoke with Very Good Light about her transition from being an influencer to starting her own skincare brand.

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To Erica Choi, an egg symbolizes birth; a reset, a fresh start. During her time as a corporate employee while simultaneously growing her personal brand as a content creator under the name Egg Canvas, Erica knew there was a deeper meaning to her work.

Eggs, beauty, and balance

Superegg is a clean, vegan, and cruelty-free skincare line that reimagines the power of an egg. Erica explains how in Asian culture, eggs are known for their rich, nutritional value. From family gatherings at home to Jjimjilbang Korean sauna trips, Erica’s skincare experiences centered around the power of the egg.

“The yolk was used as a moisturizing mask, the whites as a firming mask, and the eggshell membrane as a rejuvenating mask to help with dark spots, fine lines and encourage collagen production,” Erica tells Very Good Light.

Within the Superegg skincare line, the egg’s power is transformed into the vegan version of each component – the egg white, yolk, and eggshell membrane – each containing essential vitamins and minerals.

Influencer to brand founder 

As both a corporate full-time Digital Design Vice President at Barney’s and a content creator, Erica grew her personal brand before venturing into the world of Superegg.

“My career and role at Barney’s were always my priority, but I knew there was something else brewing deep down inside,” says Erica. As her online community grew, Erica looked to create a brand and community to pour her whole self into. The combination of her corporate and content creator lifestyle prepared her for the multi-hat-wearing lifestyle that is entrepreneurship.

Superegg was born

Through personal skincare moments with family, her extensive experience at Barney’s, and her ever-growing online presence as a content creator, Erica was able to gain an understanding of skincare products in the market.

When Superegg was in its developmental stages, Erica became more curious about different skin conditions, anatomy, chemistry, and specific ingredients used in skincare.

“While developing products for Superegg, although I had a fair amount of skincare knowledge, I felt like no matter how much I read up on formulations, watched educational videos on YouTube, and listened to industry professionals, I hit a wall,” Erica says.

That is when Erica began her skincare education at the Aveda Institute of New York to become a licensed esthetician. Her knowledge deepened through 600 hours of intensive training, allowing her to carefully curate Superegg production with intention, purpose, and deep knowledge of the skin.

The moisturizer that started it all

The Sound Renewal Moisturizer from Superegg ($60) is encapsulated in a minimalistically designed egg-shaped package. The delicate package is inspired by Piet Hein’s perfect self-balancing figure, touching on Supereggs value of balance.

Multiple factors played into creating the iconic egg-shaped packaging, from the twisting of the cap to the buoyancy of the container.

“It was challenging getting the cap and the container to even be the same temperature of white. It’s still not perfect after multiple prototypes because they use different materials,” Erica says.

The Yolk Duplex™ is the main powerhouse behind this moisturizer’s formulation, helping to intensely hydrate and visibly brighten the skin with 24 high-grade vegan ingredients. Barrier-enhancing components like squalane, vitamin E, and panthenol work together to fortify the skin’s natural barrier, leaving the skin supple, elastic, and radiant.

Work-life balance

Throughout most of her life, Erica has worked in many roles while making her way through the corporate world or building out her personal brand as a content creator. Whether she’s working as an influencer, corporate employee, or Superegg brand owner, Erica has learned she must allow herself time to breathe.

“It’s gotten a bit easier over the years, but I owe that to the fact that I’ve learned how to be wiser in how I use my time and energy and the ability to be more forgiving of myself,” she says.

Erica’s advice for aspiring individuals in the beauty community

It can feel daunting to transition from stability into the unknown world of being your own boss, but Erica assures that it is all about building strong bonds and taking life one day at a time.

Getting as much experience in the industry as you can and harnessing your connections and network is of utmost importance,” she says. “But take it day by day, step by step. Like beauty, it is a journey.”

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